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I am trying to fill out my IRB Application and I have just become more and more frustrated. I am using a survey created by survey monkey to get my surveys out to the teachers. I read that survey monkey will distribute them for me. I am using the teachers' school emails to contact them to see if they will participate. I am going to survey regular teachers and the special education teacher about their attitudes towards working with students with autism. These questions on here are really confusing me. I have had so many people to tell me that their application was sent back several times. I am trying to avoid this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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My name is Jason Blair and I am a Sociology and Education professor in Arizona. It is my pleasure to give you some guidance about your IRB application.

In general, it is important to know that social researchers must ensure that the rights and privacy of all participants are protected. You can certainly use Survey Monkey to facilitate the survey, but you also must get permission somehow from each participant to the effect that they grant you permission to use their responses. On the IRB application, you will ...

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