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Early Childhood Education

Affirming diversity with the community

Please factors that can build successful bridges between early childhood settings and the community. How would this impact the community? How can an early childhood teacher become a multicultural person?

You are working for an early childhood program that has not been evaluated.

Can someone please help me answer the last 3 of my questions. Question 8: You are working for an early childhood program that has not been evaluated. Your supervisor, knowing that you are studying research methods, asks you if you believe that the program should be evaluated. Indicate to the supervisor the objectives of prog

Family activity file-Target for all parents to attend-at least 5 activities

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Compile a file of learning social and cultural activities to promote participation and integration of family and community in early childhood education. The ones I am working on are... Activities for family integration in learning environment in preschool co curricular a

Child Development

Explain distinguishing characteristics of each of the five developmental periods. Infancy Early Childhood Middle Childhood Early Adolescence Late Adolescence 300 Words -- would be great and it doesn't need references.

Literacy Instruction

1. One of the goals of an early childhood literacy program is to cultivate a life-long love of reading and learning. This is addressed in the Foundations for Young Children. In a 1-page paper, explain what teachers can do to meet this goal. 2. Explain the differences between "traditional" and "functional" approaches to lit

Motivating young children to write - competency, practice

1. Why would a young child be motivated to write or pretend to write? It is not an easy motor task. Is it simply imitation done for adult reaction? Is it done because there is an inner drive to know or become competent? develop an answer to this question, which continues to puzzle teachers. Use examples from your own recollected


What is self-regulation? Describe the age-related changes in self-regulation.