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User Interface

Discuss forms in an MDI application

Describe the difference between standard forms, MDI parent forms, and MDI child forms in an MDI application. How is each type of form created? Give examples of when to use each type of form.

Mortgage Calculator Modification

Modify the mortgage program to display 3 mortgage loans: 7 year at 5.35%, 15 year at 5.5 %, and 30 year at 5.75%. Use an array for the different loans. Display the mortgage payment amount for each loan. Then, list the loan balance and interest paid for each payment over the term of the loan. Use loops to prevent lists from scro

System Analysis and Development

Can you respond to the following 2 question in at least 150 words for each question? 3. Find a "good" website and list what makes this side "good" in bulleted format and provide details for each item. Focus on the design aspect of the website only. 4. Find a "bad" website and list what makes this side "bad" in bulleted for

Internet and Multimedia

1. Usability - How would you structure a questionnaire to discover how usable a web-site is? What would your criteria be and why? 2. Accessibility - How would you address accessibility issues in a multimedia product?

Apache Derby iBATIS

The purpose of this 3 page paper is to describe how to improve persistence with Apache Derby and iBATIS. The iBATIS database mapping framework, a popular Java framework for object relational mapping

Tasks assigned to each phase of SDLC

A project contains Analysis, Definition, Design, Implementation, Maintenance, and Support phases. How do we determine what tasks are assigned to each phase?

Web Services

Please help with the following problem. Discuss the different roles you think might be fulfilled by Web Services and Web Portals. What do you see as the major distinctions between the two from the perspective of the provisions of eBusiness services? Which do you think is the more useful in the current Web environment?

Life Cycle Phase

Need help in own words on the following: Working with your group, detail all the written documentation, reports and communications methods used during the life cycle of a project. Elaborate on communications with the project sponsor.

A computer related product that you felt wasn't user friendly?

Can anyone think of any computer related product that you felt wasn't user friendly - to you? Did you feel reluctant to continue using it or did you make an effort to locate a similar product more in tune with your expectations? Even to the point of not having as many bells and whistles as the one you felt was not user friendl

IT Infrastructures

I need information on the ongoing competition between Linux and Microsoft and discuss the differences and similarities. Where might Linux be used in a company's IT infrastructure?What are the pros /cons of using Linux.

System Analysis and Design

1. The _____ is generated by the department or person that has an idea for a new information system. (Points: 1) feasibility analysis gradual refinement project sponsor system request work plan 2. The principal disadvantages(s) with the waterfall development methodol

Object-oriented programming Identify Top Level Objects of a Microwave

Consider a typical house in which there are several bedrooms, a kitchen, and a laundry room? Each with a distinct function. You sleep in the bedroom, you wash clothes in the laundry room, and you cook in the kitchen. Each room encapsulates all the items needed to complete the necessary tasks. What you have is a set of well-def

Rational Numbers Midifying Code

This code is not compiling, it consists of a header file (rational.h) and the code itself (rational.c). Please provide comment (like what the while loop does ...etc, so that the program is more understandable by anyone reading it). The original problem has been attached in this posting and the program is below. --------------

Data storage methods

Discuss the pros and cons of different data storage methods, including a database, which can be loosely defined as digital data storage?

Designing Interfaces and Dialogues

Imagine the design of a system used to register students at a university. Discuss the user, task, system, and environmental characteristics (see Table 13-9) that should be considered when designing the interface for such a system. Please see the attached Word document with the table. Provide a detailed discussion.

Creating a User Interface: Switchboard for the BuySell Database

Chris and Pat Aquino own a successful ISP (Internet Service Provider) and want to expand their business to host an Internet auction site. The auction site will let sellers offer items for sale, such as antiques, first-edition books, vintage dolls, coins, art, stamps, glass bottles, autographs, and sports memorabilia. After a sel

Application Development

Part I. Basic mathematical calculation 1. How are Integer and String data types used in an application? 2. Are Integers and Strings considered objects in VB? Elaborate. 3. Why is it inherited from a String class? Part II. Advanced Calculations 1. In Application Development, what are control properties? 2. Are all the

IP and ACL worksheet

Need help on an IP and ACL worksheet, network has been designed but need to configure the IP's and set up some ACL's. (See attached file for full problem description)

Collaborative virtue environment

Please see attached file to answer questions 4,5,6. --- 4. What kinds of social protocols and conventions are used ? 5. What kinds of awareness information is provided ? 6. Does the mode of communication and interaction seem natural or awkward ? ---

Wireless and new technology

1. There is a recent interest in Bluetooth technology. Discuss Bluetooth technology and different applications. 2. Provide an overview on emerging trends in wearable computing. 3. Give a detailed description of Wireless Access Protocol (WAP). Explain with the help of some examples. Please reply in word and have any dia

Build a connection string that allows for a connection object...

See attachment for details. --- TASK: Build a connection string that allows for a connection object to use the ODBC data source AriMiddle, which is bound to the database AriMiddle. ODBC Data Source Administrator is located on the control panel in Windows 98 or NT. The user ID Aquinas and the password Thomas should be

Simple Object Access Potoccol

Simple Object Access Potoccol. How is SOAP related to XML and HTTP? Assume that your readers are familiar with browsing the internet, but they have no technical knowledge of how it works behind the scene. Compose a two to three paragraphs explaining SOAP to your users Please include references for research purposes.

Transport Protocol and Transport Services

You are in charge of training the new employee. Explain the difference between Transport Services and Transport Protocols. Transport Protocol and Transport Services Transport-layer services are end-to-end services. It enables multiple applications to use the same Transport-layer DataStream. The data from upper-protocol

Java Programming

Use a simple procedure to implement the graphics package which contains the 4 attached files (3 classes and 1 interface). The group of classes represent a collection of graphic objects, such as circles, rectangles, lines, and points. The interface, "Draggable" is implemented by classes if they can be dragged with the mouse by

Create an appropriate user interface

You've just started a new semester and you've become friends with one of your classmates, Tomislav. Tomislav tells you he has just moved to the United States from Europe and he's having a difficult time adjusting to the English units of measurement. In his country, most liquids are measured in liters, not gallons. Tomislav

how to develop a web portal for Modeling agency

The designer begins with a high level description of the functions that are to be implemented and builds lower level explanations of how each component will be organized and related to other components. The site will highlight individuals and their portfolios, their individual profiles, photos etc. for modeling agencies. De

Using a Menu to Manipulate Database Table Records

- Start VB NET and create a new solution named YourName_Unit02.sln setting the drive designator as necessary. - Create the form's user interface with the necessary labels and text boxes to display the fields from the underlying table. - Create a main menu for the form. Create a menu title having a menu item named Exit to exi


Add two more files to Mortgage calculator program. Mortgage calendar Class and Mortgage array Class. Total files to send back: Driver, Mortgage Calculator, Row, Mortgage calendar, Mortgage array. Mortgage calendar Class: This should increment in day and month and year. Start with 15JUL04 as the first pay period then increm