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System Analysis and Development

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Can you respond to the following 2 question in at least 150 words for each question?

3. Find a "good" website and list what makes this side "good" in bulleted format and provide details for each item. Focus on the design aspect of the website only.

4. Find a "bad" website and list what makes this side "bad" in bulleted format and provide details for each item. Focus on the design aspect of the website only.

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This solution gives an example of a 'good' and 'bad' website and lists the positive and negative aspects of the design format of the website.

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Q1. What are the benefits of a system requirements document?

Ans: SRS document is a contract between the development team and the customer.
Once the SRS document is approved by the customer, any subsequent controversies are settled by referring the SRS document. Therefore it is very important that our SRS must be:
1: Complete:-
a: All significant requirements are included
b: Definition of responses of the SW to all realizable classes of input data in all situations.
c: Conformity to a standard

2: Verifiable:-
A requirement is verifiable if and only if there exists some finite cost effective process with which a person or machine can check that the SW meets the requirement

3: Traceable:-
An SRS is traceable if the origin of each requirement is clear and it facilitates the referencing of each requirement in future.

4: Modifiable:-
Structure and style of SRS is such that changes to requirements can be made easily, completely and consistently.

5: Consistent:-
No two requirements are in conflict

1: Forces the users to consider their specific requirements carefully

2: Enhances communication between the Purchaser and System developers

3: Provides a firm foundation for the system design phase

4: Enables planning of validation, verification, and acceptance procedures

5: Enables project planning eg. Estimates of cost and time, resource scheduling

6: Usable during maintenance phase

7: It species Functional requirements

8: It specifies Non Functional requirements like

1: Performance requirements
2: Interface requirements
3: Design constraints
4: ...

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