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Internet and Multimedia

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1. Usability - How would you structure a questionnaire to discover how usable a web-site is? What would your criteria be and why?

2. Accessibility - How would you address accessibility issues in a multimedia product?

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This solution deals with the structure of a questionnaire about the usability of a web site. It also addresses the accessibility issues in a multimedia product.

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Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)

Need help with Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) questions attached.

Question 1:

CAI can be applied in a variety of ways to promote student learning and increase productivity. Exploring the variety of tools at the following websites:
• Adobe
• HyperStudio
• Hypermedia Technology Resources
• Interactive Educational Simulations
• SuccessMaker
• The Teacher Tap: Professional Development Resources for Educators

Then complete/answer the following:
• Create a learning activity that incorporates CAI, a productivity tool or multimedia/hypermedia.
• Identify the learning need that will be addressed and the software tool you will incorporate that will meet the need.
• What are some of the potential management issues that may occur?
• What are the benefits and limitations of using computers to promote student learning through computer assisted instruction, use of productivity tools, and development of multimedia/hypermedia.
• How would you evaluate the effectiveness of the approach?

Question 2:

Discuss the advantages and limitations of the Internet as an application platform by answering the following:
• What advantages does the Internet have over other types of media and educational materials for retrieving information?
• How can one utilize Internet sites in the classroom?
• What advantage does the Internet have as a vehicle for information publishing?
• What must teachers and students be aware of when publishing to the Internet?
• What concerns do parents, teachers, and school administrators have about students using the Internet in the classroom?
• How can teachers and students limit their exposure to security threats on the Internet?
• Describe a challenge you have personally encountered in accessing Internet sites.
• What strategies have you used to overcome these challenges?

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