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Create a Function in JavaScript using Constructors

I'm trying to draw a diagram for a invoice problem statement. I need to create the function in JavaScript and call it in an HTML file. For the objects identified write a constructor.Then create create two methods that act on invoices. One should be addLineItem that adds a line item to an existing invoice. The other should c

Advantages of Using JavaScript

One huge advantage of using JavaScript is you can accept input from the visitors to your site. As a visitor adds information to your form, what would you do to control inappropriately entered values? What would you do to acknowledge that they have entered data correctly? How would you provide feedback to the visitor? Thank yo

JavaScript Examples HTML Web Page

For this one, I have created a Web page with links to all of my other assignments, however, I am having the following problems: 1) Name, date, time heading isn't showing up. 2) I need to add background color, change fonts, add text sizes, and different text colors, however, I'm not sure how to put the code in without messing


For this one, I finished it with all the information, I just want to add color with an ivory background. But, I want the Body Style, Roof Type, Doors, Color, and Sound System to be in Italics and Dark Blue print and the radio information to be in Courier Font and Light Blue print. Where do I put the codes to do that?

JavaScript - Mortgage Calculator

I created the program as best I could using what I have learned so far, but it won't run. I also am confused as to how to create a flow chart in some other program to accompany it. Here are my problems: 1) The program needs to prompt for the loan amount, the interest rate, and the loan terms. 2) The program then has to tak

JavaScript - Loops

See the attached files. I have been working on this all day and am still having trouble with the following: 1) Even should only be reading for the FOR Loop. I tried moving it around and it won't work so I don't know how to fix it to not show on the DO..WHILE Loop and the WHILE Loop. 2) I have to add an Odd next to the o

Writing a program using loops in JavaScript

I need to know how to write a program that counts from 1 to 10 and prints each count to the browser using each of the 3 different kinds of loops in JavaScript (FOR, DO--WHILE, and WHILE). I also need to create a separate page that counts down from 10 to 1. I am so confused!

Limit creation of malicious code

1. In order to limit the creation of malicious code, do you think that access to elements of the document object model and some Javascript functionality be limited? In discussing your answer, describe two types of computer attacks/ viruses that may be initiated by scripting code in the browser environment. What else can we do to

Adding Coding Elements in Objects

Please help adding the following elements to the existing code (see attached): · Create an Array object and implement its length property · Create a Boolean object and implement its valueOf method · Create a Date object and implement several of its methods to set and get the date and get the tim

Individual website help

Individual Web Page 1 Assignment: Design, code, document and test one Web page which includes: • Multiple data types (incl. Numeric, Boolean, String and Array) • Multiple operators • write methods which display variables assigned values and operators results • All this in scripts and

Developing Web Design

How is web content developed? What are some of the popular design tools in use today? Can you identify a design tool used in the construction of the website How can the Internet be used to achieve a business objective?

Dynamic XHTML with Javascript

Chapter Title - Dynamic XHTML Documents with JavaScript Exercise 1 Create a document (with any required style sheets and java .js files) that displays a sports related image of your choice and three buttons. The buttons should be labeled simply 1,2, and 3. When pressed, each button should change the content of the imag

Write a javascript to solve the problem of the Towers of Hanoi.

In order to attempt to move the disks from peg 1 to peg 3, develop an algorithm that will print the precise sequence of peg-to-peg disk transfers. Solve the problem with recursion in mind, it immediately becomes tractable. Moving n disks can be viewed in terms of moving only n-1 disks as follows: a) Move n -1 disks from

A Recursive Javascript Function to Detect Palindromes

Please see the attached file. Design and implement a Web page named pal.html that tests whether a word or phrase is a palindrome. Your page should allow the user to enter a word or phrase and then display a string indicating whether that word or phrase is a palindrome. The code that evaluates the user's input should be case i

Definitions of Back-End and Front-End Software

Please answer the following: 1. Define back-end and front-end applications. 2. Provide examples of BE and FE apps. 3. Define procedures (subroutines) and functions and the difference between them. 4. Provide examples of subs and functions.

A simple game written in javascript using random numbers

Please see the attached file. Design and implement a Web page named esp.html that allows the user to conduct an ESP test. Your page should look something like the one in Figure 11.10. The rectangle containing a question mark represents the back of a card that is associated with a particular shape. After contemplating which sh

A Javascript Function to Double Numbers

Create a Web page named double.html whose HEAD includes the DoubleIt function. The page should contain a text box with an initial value of 1 and a button labeled "Double It". When the user clicks the button, the DoubleIt function should be called to double the contents of the text box. If you start with a value of 1 in the te

Simple JavaScript Event

Please see attached instructions. Thanks. Simple JavaScript Event Step 1: Using a text or HTML editor create a web page with the following content and formatting: Put an image in the background of your page (make sure that it is a very faded image so that you can see text on top of it) In header tags of decreasing size

AJAX & Software as a Service

AJAX will help the trend of pushing software as a service on the Web! Discuss this aspect of AJAX in relation to the Service Oriented Architecture of Web services. Are the two really doing the same thing, or is AJAX fundamentally used for a more responsive User Interface?

Pick Four in HTML

Most lotteries work by selecting a random sequence of balls, each labeled with an integer in some specified range. For example, pick-4 lotteries typically utilize four bins, each containing 10 balls labeled 0 through 9. If there are 10 balls to choose from in each of four bins, then 10^4=10000 different number sequence can poten

Discuss the two types of pages supported by ASP .NET

Discuss the two types of pages supported by ASP .NET. How is an ASP.NET application created? How does an ASP.NET application differ from a desktop application? Explain the structure and syntax of an HTML page.

Usefulness of AJAX

Write about the contribution of this technology to more efficient web design. Ajax is a powerful approach to building Web sites and it's not nearly as hard to learn as an entire new language. Ajax attempts to bridge the gap between the functionality and interactivity of a desktop application and the always-updated Web app

Website Design - Validation, Sound & Video

I need a basic Web page form that can be used for validating user input and doing some calculations. The page should have the following fields: Name Address City State Zip Telephone number E-mail address Date of birth Radio buttons for credit card type Credit card number Credit card expiration date month Credit car

Javascript Problem

EXAMPLE: I use the function so when I fill in the form it checks that the date is an integer or the date is of length 8 (format ddmmyyyy.) If it is neither 8 digits in length nor equal to the parsed value then the form cannot be validated and an error message is brought up. This function is called on form validation. The

Javascript: Validating Form Field for Numeric Value

Write a JavaScript function to validate a text field on a form for holding a positive integer value, without using any inbuilt functions like IsNaN and so forth. If the text field contains a valid number then the JavaScript function will return "true", otherwise it will return "false" along with displaying a popup error message.

JavaSript exercise

Write a JavaScript function to validate a text-field on a form that is to hold an email address. Now when writing this JavaScript function bear in mind that you won't be able to fully validate it unless you manage to interrogate the server in which it's supposed to reside. This is almost impossible, so the validation should c

Javascript to draw graphs

One interesting application of computers is the drawing of graphs and bar charts (sometimes called histograms). Write a script that reads five numbers between 1 and 30. For each number read, output XHTML text that displays a line containing the same number of adjacent asterisks. For example, if your program reads the numb