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    Discuss the two types of pages supported by ASP .NET

    Discuss the two types of pages supported by ASP .NET. How is an ASP.NET application created? How does an ASP.NET application differ from a desktop application? Explain the structure and syntax of an HTML page.

    JavaScript: Validate a Text Field

    Write a JavaScript function, included in a XHTML document, to validate a text field on a form which is to contain an integer (e.g. 2, 4567, 87612) without using any built functions like IsNaN an so fourth. If the text field contains a valid number then the JavaScript function can return "true", otherwise it returns "false" as w

    Usefulness of AJAX

    Write about the contribution of this technology to more efficient web design. Ajax is a powerful approach to building Web sites and it's not nearly as hard to learn as an entire new language. Ajax attempts to bridge the gap between the functionality and interactivity of a desktop application and the always-updated Web app

    Website Design - Validation, Sound & Video

    I need a basic Web page form that can be used for validating user input and doing some calculations. The page should have the following fields: Name Address City State Zip Telephone number E-mail address Date of birth Radio buttons for credit card type Credit card number Credit card expiration date month Credit car

    Javascript Problem

    EXAMPLE: I use the function so when I fill in the form it checks that the date is an integer or the date is of length 8 (format ddmmyyyy.) If it is neither 8 digits in length nor equal to the parsed value then the form cannot be validated and an error message is brought up. This function is called on form validation. The

    Javascript: Validating Form Field for Numeric Value

    Write a JavaScript function to validate a text field on a form for holding a positive integer value, without using any inbuilt functions like IsNaN and so forth. If the text field contains a valid number then the JavaScript function will return "true", otherwise it will return "false" along with displaying a popup error message.

    JavaSript exercise

    Write a JavaScript function to validate a text-field on a form that is to hold an email address. Now when writing this JavaScript function bear in mind that you won't be able to fully validate it unless you manage to interrogate the server in which it's supposed to reside. This is almost impossible, so the validation should c

    Javascript to draw graphs

    One interesting application of computers is the drawing of graphs and bar charts (sometimes called histograms). Write a script that reads five numbers between 1 and 30. For each number read, output XHTML text that displays a line containing the same number of adjacent asterisks. For example, if your program reads the numb

    Javascript for straight time

    Develop a Javascipt program that will determine the gross pay for each of three employees. The company pays "straight time" for the first 40 hours worked by each employee and pays, "time and a half" for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours. You are give a list of the employees of the company, the number of hours each e

    A short Javascript

    Write a Javascript that inputs five numbers and determines and outputs XHTML text that displays the number of negative number input, the number of positive numbers input and the number of zeros input.

    Adding Javascript Behaviors and User Interactivity

    Use the attached page/code to create a template with the changes indicated below. Apply the template to a few pages to demonstrate how it's done. Provide any instructions for applying it that weren't given. The following modifications and editions need to be made to the attached page: - The slide show needs to be functional

    ASP.NET Visual Studio Project

    Use the Library and other resources to create an ASP.NET project with Visual Studio that contains one aspx form. The form should contain the following controls: Button control two TextBox controls Label control CustomValidator control Write a method that handles the CustomerValidator's ServerValidate event. In additio

    Competitive Intelligence

    Question 1 20 points Save A manager is charged with assessing the availability of qualified personnel and the compensation packages necessary to attract new employees. This manger has been asked to assess an aspect of the company's ___________ environment. operating industry remote techno

    JavaScript Cookie

    Please provide a JavaScript cookie to tell if the user has filled out a html form previously. I need to modify the form page so that when the JavaScript function has verified that all of the required fields have been filled, a cookie is added to the user's computer as if this were a real app. but its not. If the same user a

    Web elements

    Visit two sites that you feel meet the qualifications of being "usable", and two that you find confusing, and answer the following questions: How do Javascript, CSS, or Framesets come into play on the sites? Do these elements aid or disrupt usability? Are certain technologies more likely to hinder usability? (Feel f

    Web-based utilities

    Please help with the following problem. Choose a DTD, do not create any form elements. Note the following: Choose what technologies you feel would be appropriate (cost-wise and maintenance-wise) for a site's implementation. Use a web-based utility to estimate the download time of web pages. Complete the following st


    1. How are CSS, DHTML and XML related? Which do you like best and why? 2. Find an article or a resource about CSS, DHTML or XML. Include the URL of the original article or resource and summarize it.

    Create Cookie

    Create a cookie named Mod4 that expires after 10 days. Write the necessary lines of code.


    Validate.js problem I get an error message on IE. On Firefox, it never gives me an error for the date. Please double-check my expiration date check logic, because when I select 01/2007 I get an error message on IE. On Firefox, it never gives me an error for the date. I need to to convert my date values to integers. Plea

    Javascript and HTML problem

    Enhance the Web page the following elements: o Ensure required fields First name, Last name are not blank. o Verify in a comparison with the current date that the credit card expiration date is valid o Request the user's name upon first use (via an alert box for example). o Welcome the user by name each time he or she visits

    features of Javascript

    One of the features of Javascript that we have been looking at this week is that the code is interpreted within the browser environment, on the client machine. What do you believe to be the advantages and disadvantages of this, compared to executing the code on the server machine before the web page is passed back to the client?

    Image and Text Files

    Image files are larger than text files, so why would anyone want to use an image map?

    Intranet or Portal Company Objective Described

    1. Select a company Intranet or Portal and describe the objective, how it fulfills the vision of the company, and what's the on-going use of the site 2. Select a web site from an education industry (university, school or training center) and analyze the ease of use of at least 3 functions and/or features? 3. What are some