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Adding Javascript Behaviors and User Interactivity

Use the attached page/code to create a template with the changes indicated below. Apply the template to a few pages to demonstrate how it's done. Provide any instructions for applying it that weren't given.

The following modifications and editions need to be made to the attached page:
- The slide show needs to be functional using the images attached (images-1 through images-5).

- Keyboard controls for each of the 3 drop-down menus for users who would rather not use a mouse should be added. For each of the region menus (North America, Central America, and South America), allow the user to hit a keyboard key (probably N, C, or S) to display the drop-down menu for that region. If they hit the key again while the menu is open, the drop-down should close.

-A sliding font-size control that gives users control over the text so they can adjust it for their comfort level. Add 2 rows to the navigation table on the left and put the sizer here.

- Each continent has a dropdown list of countries. A page needs to be built that can be used as a template for all of the countries, with the functions listed in this description. See the suggestions below:
Add the link (href) for each of the countries in your drop-downs with this format:
... then region Name then countryName .html

Replace <regionName> with the region name and <countryName> with the name of the country for the link.

2. Create a folder for each region name.

3. Place a copy of the template in the folder for each country, and then rename each file with the country name.

4. Open each file individually, and change the JavaScript variables region and country.

- Create a sortable table of hotels for the country currently being viewed.
Create a three-column sortable table with the following headers:

City Name - the value in each row will be HTML Text.
Lowest Price - the value in each row will be a two-decimal-place number.
Best Rating - the value in each row will be a whole number from 1-10.

The header for the table should be: Best hotels in <Country Name>
Use JavaScript to fill in the name of the country from the JavaScript variable on the page. The prices can be anything, even the same value if it's easier. They can be changed later. If the rate values are all the same, please indicate if more than just changing the numbers is needed.
Leave the banners as is. I have the images. They should still load randomly.
Put code into the attached external file that can be placed externally.
the placeholder text can stay in place.
At least 1 country page should be functional with all of the behaviors.
Please don't hesitate to ask for clarification.


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