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    JavaScripts, DHTML and HTML

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    1) Discuss the open source nature of JavaScript scripts.

    2) Describe examples of JavaScript script usage in a commercial setting.

    3) Explain the difference between DHTML and HTML.

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    1. Nature of JavaScript
    JavaScript is based on the Object Oriented Programming concepts. Its syntax is relatively similar to C, C++ and Java. However, it is very easy to learn and implement.
    Object Oriented Programming is a quite new concept in the computing field. It is made-up to make life simpler and easier for the programmer, however, the recently initiated get confused quickly.
    JavaScript Objects
    OOP is a programming technique designed to make things easier. In essence, object-oriented programming revolves about the idea of user- and system-defined chunks of data, and prohibited means of accessing and modifying those chunks.
    Object-oriented programming consists of Objects, Methods and Properties. An object is mainly a black box which stores some information. It may include a way for you to read that information and a way for you to write to, or modify, that information. It may also have other less clear ways of interacting with the information.
    a number of the information in the object may really be directly accessible other information may need you to use a method to access it - maybe the way the information is stored inside is of no use to you, or because only certain things can be written into that information space and the object requests to check that you're not going outside those limits.
    The directly accessible bits of information in the object are its properties. The difference between data accessed via properties and data accessed via methods is that with properties.
    Other Javascript pages you read will most likely ...

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