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    Adding a cookie

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    In PHP and Javascript, when the given function has verified that all of the required field have been filled, a cookie is added to the user's computer. If the same user attempts to fill out the form a second time, the user will be directed to a separate HTML page advising them that they have already submitted the form.

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    This can be done very easily using php script.

    For this you need to save your current .html page (my_contact_info_checked.hmtl) to .php page (my_contact_info_checked.php) and add the attached php code in the file (cookie script.txt) ,above the html tag in your web page (my_contact_info_checked.php).

    To run and execute the php page on your local computer, you need to have the apache server installed. If you don't have that, then ...

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    Adding a cookie to a form in PHP and Javascript.