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For this one, I have created a Web page with links to all of my other assignments, however, I am having the following problems:

1) Name, date, time heading isn't showing up.
2) I need to add background color, change fonts, add text sizes, and different text colors, however, I'm not sure how to put the code in without messing it up. It might be similar to the Cars one.
3) I have to add pictures and again am not sure how to put the code in, or where to put it.

Thank you!

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1) I added Name and date by placing the HTML just below the opening body tag and then having an onload function put in the current date
2) As long as ...

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Examples include an an onload function to display the current date and use of document.write for color- and font-setting control.

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Javascript coding: Earthling example

Suppose the Javascript variables greeting and name have been declared as follows:

var greeting;
var name;

(a) Complete the table below to show the values of the variables after each line of the following code has been executed:

1. greeting = 'Hello';
2. name = 'Earthling';
3. greeting = greeting + name;

after line1: greeting: name
after line2: greeting: name
after line3: greeting: name

(b) Write a line of code to replace line 3 above which will create a greeting 'Hello Earthling!' with a space in between 'Hello' and 'Earthling' and an exclamation mark at the end.

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