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Adding Coding Elements in Objects

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Please help adding the following elements to the existing code (see attached):
· Create an Array object and implement its length property

· Create a Boolean object and implement its valueOf method

· Create a Date object and implement several of its methods to set and get the date and get the time.

· Use the Number object method to display a numeric value with a specified number of decimal places.

· Implement two Math object methods.

· Implement two String object methods and the length property.

· Implement a RegEx test(). method with metacharacters in a pattern.

· Implement Location object href property to show current page and to move to the index.html page.

· Implement at least one Navigator object property.

· Implement at least one Screen object property.

· Implement the Window object alert method and the self property.

· Implement DHTML using the Document object getElementById(),method.

· Implement the innerHTML property.

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