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    Computer-Communication Networks

    Types of E-Commerce and Its Impact of Real Lives

    Identify two types of e-commerce and describe how they have changed consumer-to-business and business-to-business transactions. How might either of these types be applied to a public sector entity?

    Task Computer Networks

    Your manager has asked you to prepare a 2 - 4-page written report including the following: Address the following points as they relate to Ethernet: Provide a diagram of an Ethernet packet. Describe the frame format of a typical Ethernet packet. Explain the significance of each field. For Manchester, 4B/5B, and 8B/10B en

    Link Layer & LAN (Adapter/Node)

    Many of the functions of an adapter can be performed in software that runs on the node's CPU. What are advantages and disadvantages of moving this functionality from the adapter to the node?

    Computer Network Security

    1. What is the one thing that a virus, a worm, spyware and malicious code have in common? What are the differences among these four threats? 2. How often should you update your anti-virus protection? 3. Why is a best practice to have and to carry an anti-virus boot-up disk or CD? 4. What other anti-malicious software and anti

    Source to complete my paper.

    Frank Fields Jr. January 02, 2011 ISSC 641 Week 4 Outline Dr. John Rhome This project is based on a home network that was made two years ago. The initial part of the service was based on the two desk tops and a printer. The task began with having an ISP which was conducted on resear

    Network Concepts Simplex and Duplex

    - Use short answers to explain the difference between: o Synchronous and asynchronous o Analog and digital o XON and XOFF o Simplex and duplex o Serial and parallel transmission o Baseband and broadband o Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) o Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

    Network Protocols: Example

    Explain the following: the function of protocols in a network and how each protocol works in one or more layers of the open systems interconnection (OSI) model, why protocols are needed to enable computer communications, and describe common protocol suites.

    Telecommunication industry to ensure inter-interoperability

    Standards are very essential in the telecommunication industry to ensure inter-interoperability. The class textbook/slides noted several benefits realized from standardization. It was also stated that "Although standards are intended to create unity, they can have the opposite effect". Identify and briefly discuss one

    OSI reference model and TCP/IP protocol architecture

    Details: Describe the OSI reference model and TCP/IP protocol architecture. Discuss the similarities and differences between them. What is the importance of using a layered model? Differentiate between a confirmed service and a nonconfirmed service with respect to service primitives. Objective: Describe protocols at the diffe

    Local Area Networks

    Read the scenario in question 6. Select your answer, then discuss the type of protocol you would use in this situation. Give an argument about why you feel it would be the best solution. 6. Your company has a network that contains several NetWare 4.11 servers and uses IPX as the routing protocol. Each of the network segme

    Application and Features of Bluetooth

    Explain the application and features of one of the following: Wi-Fi®, WiMax, ZigBee?, or Bluetooth®. Why is there a need for these different wireless technologies?

    Components of General Network Topologies

    Outline the three general network topologies (bus, ring, and star). Describe the components, devices, and arrangement of components and devices involved in each topology, as well as some of the pros and cons of each configuration.

    WLAN - Imagine you are a wireless network contractor

    Can someone break this down for me please? Imagine you are a wireless network contractor and you are meeting with a potential client over lunch to discuss the possibility of setting up a wireless network in the client's building. She mentions that she has heard of the OSI model but does not fully understand it and asks you to

    Network Topologies

    I am working on a project. I need a support! Thanks. Outline the three general network topologies (bus, ring, and star). Describe the components, devices, and arrangement of components and devices involved in each topology, as well as some of the pros and cons of each configuration. Post 400 to 800 word response.

    UNIX and the Internet

    1. 2-3 sentences, define each of the following terms as they relate to UNIX and the Internet: a) Port b) Client c) IP address d) Server e) Protocol f) Nslookup g) Usenet h) Traceroute i) lynx j) ftp 2. What is the importance and/or use of the program Telnet? 3. My co-worker Mark and I both regularly

    Importance of TCP/IP

    In about three-four paragraphs I need to discuss the importance of the common protocol (TCP/IP) on the ability to support kiosk and laptop/PDA users, and how other future communication needs may or may not continue this dependence.

    OSI Model

    Research the OSI Model (7 layers). List and describe each layer of the OSI model. What is the purpose of the OSI model. Research the TCP/IP Architecture (4 layers). List and describe each layer. *Look in the RFCs. (Request for Comments) Describe and explain the similarities and differences between the OSI model and the TC

    Influence of Netiquette

    1. Explain how netiquette influences the way in which a person writes or sends e-mails. 2. Describe a scenario in which someone displayed bad netiquette. How did someone react to receiving the email? what could the sender have done differently to display good netiquette?

    Advantages/Disadvantages of Email

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of email communication, or what if the email system went down in a major company. how would this impact productivity? Do companies rely on heavily on electronic communication today. What are the advantages of networked computers? What are the disadvantages and the characteristics be

    Information Systems & Telecommunications Questions

    ? When an organization needs to use two or more computer systems, one of three basic processing strategies may be followed: Centralized Decentralized Distributed ? Feasibility analysis is typically done during the investigation stage of systems development. ? The Internet protocol enables traff

    System design

    You have been contacted by Becca, the owner of a local coffee house, who is interested in offering Internet access to her customers. The coffee house has an area of 400 square feet, consists of two rooms and a coffee bar, and is already wired for phone service but not for cable. Becca would like to offer five computer stations,

    A 1-2 page paper on the OSI and TCP/IP reference models.

    This is meant as a discussion topic...this is not an essay. Describe the OSI and TCP/IP reference models. Explain the similarities and differences between them. Discuss how the layered stack approach assists in our understanding of these reference models.

    Need some help in securing a VPN solution using IPSec

    VaryNet Inc. wants to create four separate offices across the globe. They want to be able to connect these offices over the Internet, and they want to make sure that each network is available to each other, i.e., they want the routing information of all four networks to be available at each site, so that any employee can go to a

    Securing network resources

    What security suggestions do you have for laptop users to securely access network resources, and to secure files on their laptops? What security suggestions do you have to secure communications from server to server?

    2 Personal Opinions

    #1 Write 4 sentences as to how you feel: I feel that some regulations must be enforced and required to protect family values. Furthermore, I believe that government and ISP companies should collaborate to determine what restrictions should be imposed. The USA Government has enacted two Federal laws intended to censor offensiv

    how to create a secure network

    How do I transform a network to a secure network? What tools should I have and what kind of hardware do I need to have a basic secure network?