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    Brief History of Windows, Mac OS and Linux Sytems

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    Brief explanation of Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems.
    - Describe the systems, pointing out their similarities and differences.
    - Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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    In 1975, Bill Gate and his friend Paul Allen started a company called "Microsoft". They realized that personal computing would soon be needed for everyday home use. Not long after creating their company, they hired a former classmate to help run the company. His name was Steve Ballmer. The company was able to create a new operating system called "MS-DOS" which stands for Microsoft Disk Operation System. In 1983, Microsoft announced its new development called "Windows" that used a Graphical User Interface (GUI) over its operating system MS-DOS. The first version was Windows 3.0 and has grown tremendously since.

    In 1984 Apple Computer Inc. introduced its version of a personal computer called the "Macintosh" to compete within the market that ...

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    Brief explanation of Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems. Describing the similarities and differences as well as the advantages and disadvantages.