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Organic Chemistry Bonding

Methylated lidocaine

Lidocaine is thought to bind to receptors in its methylated form. identify in writting the atoms or groups in the compound that could be involved in its binding to a receptor via- hydrogen bonding (1 example) an ionic interaction give the 2 types of functional groups that need to be present in the receptor s

Hydrolysis of Lidocaine

Draw the abbreviated structural formula of the products of the complete hydrolysis of lidocain. Identify any new functional groups naming them clearly.

NMR Spectrum

My questions are: what would the question look like for which this NMR can be used? What would the IR and mass spectrum look like? What do I need to recognize on each spectrum to answer the same questions given in the Garden Cress problem?

MS Spectrum and NMR Spectra

1. The presence of nitrogen in an MS spectrum produces an odd numbered molecular ion. Indicate which of these four spectra shows presence of sulfur, chlorine, bromine, iodine or nitrogen in the molecule. Suggest a molecular formula for the nitrogen-containing compound. You may indicate the relevant fragments on the spectrum. Ple


1) Show that pyrrole is aromatic. 2) Account for its aromaticity on the basis of orbital theory.

Name of an Alkyne

What is the name of this Alkyne? CH3CH2C=C (Note: the above "=" symbol should be 3 lines.)

Compound Naming: Aliphatic Hydrocarbon

Attached is the IR, NMR and Mass spec of a compound included is the formula molecular weight. Write a structure consistent with the data and draw a molecular ion. I have circled the OH Peak.

Bromination of trans-cinnamic acid

I recently did an experiment where the addition of bromine to trans-cinnamic acid gives a dibromide with two stereocenters (chiral centers). Thus, there were four stereoisomers possible (see figures on page 136 on attachment). According to the melting points of my product, I ended up with the racemic mixture (2R,3S) and (2S,