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    Organic Chemistry Bonding

    Name of an Alkyne

    What is the name of this Alkyne? CH3CH2C=C (Note: the above "=" symbol should be 3 lines.)

    Compound Naming: Aliphatic Hydrocarbon

    Attached is the IR, NMR and Mass spec of a compound included is the formula molecular weight. Write a structure consistent with the data and draw a molecular ion. I have circled the OH Peak.

    Bromination of trans-cinnamic acid

    I recently did an experiment where the addition of bromine to trans-cinnamic acid gives a dibromide with two stereocenters (chiral centers). Thus, there were four stereoisomers possible (see figures on page 136 on attachment). According to the melting points of my product, I ended up with the racemic mixture (2R,3S) and (2S,