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The Role of Government and Regulation

Job costing problem

I need to find several companies who would have both government and commercial customers. Also, I need to explain why those companies would likely use job costing for its products sold to government.

Health Care Organizations

How does the external environment (stakeholders, regulations, accrediting agencies, etc.) affect the policy making process?

Sarbanes-Oxley Legislation

Do you think the federal government should have similar legislation imposed on its various departments that exceed a given threshold of expenditure on an annual basis? Or stated another way, are there elements of this legislation that are relevant and should be imposed upon government spending (including Congress)?

Business entity regulations as they pertain to insurance companies.

Prepare a 350-word description of business entity regulations in Washington State as they pertain to insurance companies. Be sure to include the following in your paper: (a) Identify the business formation code(s) in the state, (b) Identify the address of the state's corporation commission, and (c) Describe the process for obta

Piracy - government

Can the software industry expect to move forward without resorting to goernment-devised standards in the area of anti-piracy technologies?


1. Why doesn't the government pay for all its goods simply by printing money? 2. What was the cause of the S & L crisis? What role did the government guarantees play in that crisis? 3. Is the current US Banking system susceptible to panic? If so, how might a panic occur? 4. You can lead a horse to