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The Role of Government and Regulation

business, government and society

Discuss the role power plays in business, government and society. Pay attention to the types of power, how it is used, and what the consequences are when used. (approximately 200 words)

Height and weight restriction as gender discrimination

READ AND ANSWER THREE CASE QUESTIONS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE. Dothard v. Rawlinson 433 U.S. 321 (1977) After her application for employment as an Alabama prison guard was rejected because the applicant, Rawlinson, failed to meet the minimum 120-pound weight, 5-foot-2-inch height requirement of an Alabama statute, Rawlins

Technology Management: Environmental factors, role of government in innovation

1. What environmental factors should be analyzed to transfer a product from a business environment to the home and to the car? What technology breakthroughs moved the telephone from a business tool to a personal, portable necessity? How would you model those S-curves? 2. What role does a government play in fostering innovati

Entrepreneurship and Government: Grants, loan guarantees

1. Discuss whether or not the government should provide grants for entrepreneurs starting new businesses. 2. Discuss whether or not the government should guarantee loans for small businesses that are missing the necessary track records, assets, or ingredients to obtain a commercial bank loan. 3. What do we do, as a nati

Government and Ethical Rules and Policies

What responsibility do governments play in making general policies about such ethical issues regarding abortion, capital punishment, and euthenasia as well as the issues of war and the use of torture during times of war?

Cultures and external controls

Which cultures would be more likely to focus on external controls? Which cultures would consider direct controls to be more important than indirect controls? How would you explain a company's decision to employ centralized decision-making processes and decentralized control processes, considering the two are so interconnected

Organisational Compliance with Government Pollution and Energy Usage Regulations

1. Many businesses must comply with government regulations related to pollution and energy usage. Businesses may also voluntarily engage in other sustainable business practices. What is a business leader's motivation to engage in sustainable business practices? Why might a business leader resist implementing voluntary business p

Government role in Monopolies: Breakup of AT&T

What are the government's options regarding monopolies? Do you think the Justice Department made a mistake in breaking up AT&T? What if anything would you have done differently? Where do you think this industry is headed (will it be monopoly, oligopoly, or monopolistically competitive and why)?

Treasury department

The Treasury Department issues two types of regulations â??interpretativeâ? and â??legislativeâ?. Compare and contrast "interpretative" and "legislative" regulations and briefly discuss why the courts are less likely to invalidate a legislative regulation.

Safety and Security

What are some safety and security accommodations a company may want to provide to their employees? When providing these accommodations, what cultural and organizational regulations should be considered?

Public Administration: Analyzing a Government Website

Locate a government Website. Prepare a paper analyzing the website to determine if it provides useful information for the public (doing the public good) or if its purpose is to advertise a government program or service (doing well for government). Justify your analysis using specific examples from the website. Format you

Access to Government Information

Why is access to government information important to public relations practitioners? Give an example. How do federal agencies regulate commercial speech? In your opinion, do we need more or less regulation? Why?

Insurance Regulation and Life Expectancy

Assume that life expectancy in the U.S. is normally distributed with a mean of 73 years and a standard deviation of 9 years. What is the probability that you will live to be over 100 years old. Show all work PLEASE.

Governmental Accounting: White City's Journal Entries

With the approval of neighborhood property owners, the White City Council voted to construct sidewalks in a newly annexed neighborhood, assess the property owners for the cost, and issue debt to finance the project. For the 2008 transactions that follow, prepare journal entries in White City's capital projects and debt serv

How to recognize revenue for government agency?

4-7 The recognition of revenue from fines does not necessarily reflect the amount earned by merely issuing tickets. In August 2008, the last month of its fiscal year, GoldwaitheTownship issued $88,000 worth of tickets for parking and traffic violations. Of these, the township collected $45,000. It expects to collect an add

Multiple choices: Governmental/Not-for-profit Accounting Basis

Exercise 4-1 1. Under the modified accrual basis of accounting, revenues cannot be recognized a. Until cash has been collected b. Unless they will be collected within sixty days of year-end c. Until they are subject to accrual d. Until they are measurable and available 2. Available (as in measurable and available) mea

Government and non-profit organization accounting treatment

Exercise 2-1 The following relate to the town of Coupland (dollar amounts in thousands): Equipment used in a vehicle repair service that provides service to other departments on a cost-reimbursement basis; the equipment has a ten-year life with no salvage value $1,400 Property taxes levied and collected $6,300 H

Principles of Marketing: Jamaican Government Project

Create a presentation to include the following for your company and its product or service: title page introduction / mission statement country market selection competition target market product strategy distribution strategy communication strategy pricing strategy conclusions references (insert APA references in

The Role of Government Intervention

Please help with the following problem regarding government and regulation. Some people argue that there is too much government intervention, while others say there is not enough. Do you think there is too little or too much government intervention?

Welfare Reform

What is welfare reform? Lawmakers in many states are trying to pass welfare reform orders to decrease women having children and people needing assistance. It is a part of a problem in many states that people take advantage of the system. How do indivieduals take advantage of the system?

Director of International Marketing for a Company

You are hired as director of international marketing for a company based in the USA that produces canned, ready to eat food for children (ages 2-5 years). One of the ingredients used has been shown, through the company's lab test, beneficial to children's bone development. However, studies conducted by external researchers hav

Effective Commincation Case Study Analysis

Select one of the following case studies: The selected is The Katrina Kalamity, Ch. 13, which is attached in a PDF file. -Write a case study analysis in which you evaluate the effectiveness of communication between an organization and its publics. *Evaluate the effectiveness of the communication between the organization