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Principles of Marketing: Jamaican Government Project

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Create a presentation to include the following for your company and its product or service:

title page
introduction / mission statement
country market selection
target market
product strategy
distribution strategy
communication strategy
pricing strategy

references (insert APA references in the Notes section of the presentation)

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Jamaican Government Project Report

1. Introduction

Live Motor Ticketing Inc. (LMT) was incorporated in 2001, to meet the need of both public and private sector's need for real time invoicing, billing and ticketing, which circumvents the delays and inefficiencies of delayed billing. To the private sector, LTM provides billing for such things as late ticketing for entertainment events. Such ticketing is undertaken by seating associates who find audience members who want to upgrade to better seating during the event, for example. The same real time billing is available on planes for those passengers who wish to upgrade during the flight. The public sector ticketing service is primarily focused on the issuing of a ticket via all known email and mailing addresses of the party to whom a vehicle is registered. If a vehicle is parked illegally, the officer enters the licence plate number, make and model, to the police database via a handheld PDA which is linked to LMT's servers. Once the registration is confirmed a button a button on the PDA pushed, the identity of the party to whom the vehicle is registered, is matched to their mailing and e-mail address and immediately, both an electronic and paper ticket with the violation, are sent out.

The project to be undertaken for the government of Jamaica is a BETA test for LTM as we initiate our expansion initiative into the Caribbean Region.

2. Mission Statement

Live Motor Ticketing Inc.'s exists to provide the most secure and fastest means of any form of billing. LMT provides the highest quality customer service to our US and international customers, both corporate and governmental, to ensure our reputation is spread through referrals, not advertising.

3. Country ...

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Using Live Motor Ticketing Inc. (LMT), the company is described along with its market selection, competition, target market, and strategies. 1,148 words.

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