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Government and Politics

What social structural factors contribute to the problems of government and politics? Factors that contribute to problems of the government and politics as explained by my text include distrust of government, scandals, failure of government to meet certain needs they were elected for, corruption, wasteful spending, self interest as oppose to the interest of the people, etc but if you can think of any others ones I would appreciate it.

In what ways do these problems affect Americans' quality of life?

What are some of the important steps to be taken in order to deal with the problems of government and politics?

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I believe there are many other social structural factors that contribute to the problems of government and politics. These include the following. Those who are in politics keep information concealed from the public when the country has the right to know everything that is going on domestically, the love of money, selfish gains, frequent lying, scandals, lack of concern for their citizens, ability to kill those who do not deserve it, detain those who are innocent, and the opportunity to make others poor by making life difficult through making poor choices on government spending and giving unnecessary tax breaks to the rich instead of ...

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This solution provided ways in which problems affect American's quality fo life, and what steps are needed in order to deal with them.