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The Role of Government and Regulation

Government Regulations

We know that the concept of privately owned property is foundational to the American law and economic system. Historically unprecedented individual prosperity resulted from this largely unregulated system. Nowadays, business regulation is entrenched in the law. If you were the sole owner of a non home-based business employing

Governmental Accounting

Amber City maintains a general fund, a capital projects fund, and a special revenue fund. During 2005, the City engaged in the following transactions. Required: Record all transactions in both the appropriate fund journal and the governmental activities journal, as necessary. Be sure to clearly indicate the fund in which the

Government Statements

Describe what government-wide statements are intended to convey to readers and contrast that with fund financial statements. Note: Cite the sources

Government Accounting and Purchasing Bonds

10-5 The accounting for trusts is dependent upon donor stipulations. To promote computer education, a leading computer manufacturer donates $4 million to the Kerrville Independent School District. The donor stipulates that the district is to establish an endowment, from which only income is expendable. Income is defined to i

Consolidated Balance Sheet - Government

Combining Balance Sheet Special Capital Debt Permanent General Revenue Projects Service (Endowment) Fund Fund Fund Fund Fund Totals Assets Cash $38 $20 $35 $340 $10 $443 Investments 105 60 480 136 960 1,741 Due from Other Funds - 120 46 39

Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Fund Net Assets

The City of San Jominz received a $500,000 federal grant to acquire several buses to be used in its public transit system. The City paid $400,000 to acquire several buses. At year-end, $100,000 of the grant had not yet been used. During the year total depreciation on the buses was $40,000. Revenues for the public system were $60

Safety Specialist duties

FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE: Serves as the occupational safety and health technical advisor in a Processing and Distribution Center; develops, coordinates, and monitors activities related to a comprehensive safety and health program. REQUIREMENTS: 1. Knowledge of federal and postal laws, regulations, and procedures related to

Government Accounting -- Journal Entries

Capital projects funds account for construction expenditures, not for the assets that are being constructed. The Wickliffe City Council approves a budget of $9,027,000 to restore the city library. The project is to be funded by the issuance of $6 million of general obligation bonds, a $2.5 million state grant, and $527,000 from

Government Protection

Please help with the following problems. Please provide at least 300 words. 1) Delineate and provide examples of ways the government protects employees. 2) Provide examples of ways the government protects the environment.

Political Issues

One of the political issues debated for many years is: Should the government intervene in a market economy and in the private lives of individuals? What regulations should the government put in place to handle the impact of one of its states legalizing marijuana? What are the potential economic impacts of this same potential

Question about Governmental Accounting

The Sherill Utility District was recently established. Here is its balance sheet, after one year. Sherill Utility District Balance Sheet as of End of Year 1 (in millions) (see attached file for data) Note the following additional information: a. The general fund received all of its revenue, $150 million, from taxes (all

Major differences

Explain what you feel the major differences are between the government-wide statement of activities and the income statements prepared in the private sector. Do you think the government-wide statements provide more information than private sector income statements? Please provide examples and explanation to support your answers.

Gov't article

Use the Internet or other resources to locate an article pertaining to a current issue in government and non-profit accounting. Prepare a 350-400 word analysis of your article. In your analysis, summarize the content of the article. Also, examine the issue presented in the article and how it could affect the municipality in

Government short answer questions

2. Why is it important for the Contractor to identify limitations to the inspection and warranty provisions of the Contract during the proposal phase of the procurement? 3. What are liquidated damages? 4. Explain what the buyer's obligations are in a commercial contract? 5. Explain the concept of anticipatory re

Financial reporting

Financial reporting is arguably one of the most heavily regulated areas of business activity. Provide the main reasons why accounting information is so heavily regulated. In your answer try to address the intended consequences of such regulation.

Regulation and Accounting Concepts

SFAS No. 13 allows for a 'better' measurement of debt-equity ratios from the perspective of shareholders - less of a problem violating debt covenants - which, as a result, makes it easier to pay dividends. Shareholders benefit from the ability to more easily receive dividends, which can work to the detriment of the firm's bon

Internet Pornography

Research and summarize the issue of regulation of pornography in an Internet world that knows no state or national boundaries. What should be done about it, if anything? Can you justify it with respect to the Constitution of the United States?

Airline Regulation, Deregulation

Take and explain your side on the debate over regulation or deregulation of the airline industry. 1. What is or is not working about deregulation? 2. What are some major arguments for or against deregulation? 3. What effect is deregulation having on the industry's level of competition? 4. What do you see is the future

possible effects of government on businesses

Explore and explain the possible effects of government on businesses, take the financial situations individually, and explain and analyse the possible effects on the business situation: 1) The government makes a substantial rise in interest rates 2) The government makes a substantial rise in income tax on all levels A) bu

Two cults (Aesculapius and Hygeia for healthcare)

Robert Frost (1874 -1963), an American poet wrote the following lines: I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence; Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. There are two cults (options) within the traditions of ancient Greece