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    Steps in EMS ISO Certification

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    What are the steps to an EMS's ISO certification? Explain how an EMS evolves.

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    According to Jenkins of the EnviroRisk Management, the following are the seven steps to ISO 14001: 1996 EMS Certification:
    1. Effective promotion of the EMS throughout the whole organization should be done by the top level management by showing their employees their active involvement and support of the EMS.
    2. A comprehensive initial review on the concerns of the company's management systems in controlling the activities that might cause environmental impact needs to be performed as ISO 14001 certification's main feature is the identification and control of significant environmental impacts.
    3. There must be a site-based team of 'Champions' pioneering and leading to achieve the EMS goals. Their positive and active attitude coupled with their enthusiasm can inspire the rest of the employees, staff, and management to trace their footsteps and go on with the implementation of the EMS in the organization.
    4. A detailed compliance with legislation and conformance review of environmental performance is important to add awareness of applicable legislation. The EMS includes a commitment to comply with legislation, ...

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