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Government Grant

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Use the Critique Sheet attached to evaluate the grant. Then write one or two paragraphs explaining your rating. Make sure you justify your rating and provide supporting evidence from the grant.

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Credibility Component
_Yes_ Establishes credibility of agency as a good investment
_No__ Establishes role of contact person
_Yes_ Establishes qualifications of agency and staff in areas of activities for which funds are requested

Need Component
_Yes_ States a problem of reasonable dimension
_Yes_ Supports a client need with relevant data
_Yes_ Establishes the project/program's current need for funds

Objectives Component
_Yes_ Describes measurable outcomes to be achieved
_Yes__ Appears feasible in light of agency resources
_Yes__ Is achievable within time frame of grant

Methods Component
_No__ Describes how objectives will be achieved
_No__ Includes staffing, timelines, and client ...

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