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    The Multinational Corporation

    Barriers in multinational communication

    As a manager for a large, multinational corporation, you travel around the world to different countries giving presentations and conducting meetings. You always try to include humor as an icebreaker. What potential barriers could you face when delivering your presentation in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, and Indi

    Solving Finance-Related Problems

    1.) What factors determine whether a project's beta will be higher or lower when calculated against a domestic stock index versus a world stock index? 2.) What happens to the value of call options when the risk-free rate increases, holding everything else constant? 3.) In terms of pricing, what are the most important differenc

    Is marketing a universal discipline?

    1) Is marketing a universal discipline? 2) Is there any difference in the kind of marketing that has to be practiced in Indonesia or in a nation such as the United States? Explain your answer; include rationale from your research. 3) A manufacturer of satellite dishes is assessing the world market potential for his produc

    Financial Statements

    Which of the following statements is not true concerning reasons for analyzing foreign financial statements? A) It is important to determine the financial stability of foreign suppliers. B) The stock returns of foreign corporations are nearly perfectly correlated with returns on U.S. stocks. C) In a global economy, manag

    Knowledge Management (KM) and R&D.

    You are the global subsidiary branch manager of a U.S. based MNE, Leather Extraordinaire, which manufactures leather goods. The Latin American division exports the largest volume of goods due to the high quality of leather and cheap labor, of which the majority is produced in Argentina. The Argentine subsidiary is proposing to H

    Managing Exchange Rate Risk

    Multinational corporations need to carefully plan for various risks, including currency risks and the threat of currency crisis in the international market. The currency crisis in Asia was devastating for many corporations. Therefore, it is important for the multinational corporations to prepare themselves for the currency crisi

    Multinational Corporations: Ford Motor Company

    Multinational Corporations: Ford Motor Company: Discuss how each MNC integrates corporate social responsibility with its international management strategy. ?Does the corporation address global development and poverty reduction? ?What kinds of partnerships are involved? ?Has this initiative helped the sustainability of the

    Strategic Alliance Issues and Effects of Strategic Alliances

    Assignment 1: Strategic Alliance Issues Locate and read three articles analyzing how issues that arise in strategic alliances, such as teamwork, diversity, values, ethics, culture, leadership, etc. are currently being addressed by the organizations you will researched in Assignment 2. Response Criteria: Provided an in-dep

    Transfer Pricing Rule.

    Should setting a transfer pricing rule should differ between national and multinational companies? What would be the pros and cons?

    Multinational Corporations and workforce challenges.

    Discuss some of the challenges that MNCs may experience when working with labor workforces that are PCNs, HCNs and TCNs. What does each of the acronyms stand for? MNCs = Multi National Corporations PCNs = Parent-country nationals HCNs = Host-country nationals TCNs = Third-country nationals

    Ideas on cultural barriers of a multinational corporation

    I need help on how to start the people research and some thoughts and ideas on the configuration. The company that I would like to research is L'Oreal. I listed below the full description just so you will have an idea of what I am needing to complete in order for you to be able to provide me with the best assistance possible. Th

    Multinational Financial

    Multinational Financial Management 1. Stover Corporation, a U.S. based importer, makes a purchase of crystal glassware from a firm in Switzerland for 39,960 Swiss francs, or $24,000, at the spot rate of 1.665 francs per dollar. The terms of the purchase are net 90 days, and the U.S. firm wants to cover this trade payable with

    The Marketing Concept, MNCs, Marketing Channels & CRM

    What is the marketing concept? According to the marketing concept, what determines if a sale will actually occur? - Name and describe the four marketing management philosophies. - List and describe the three levels of ethical development. For every home built by Habitat for Humanity, Whirlpool Corporation has given and co

    Corporation Behaving in a Socially Responsible & Ethical Way

    We are witnessing a large number of multinational corporations (MNCs) getting involved in philanthropies and local communities? development activities (such as providing financial aid to remove illiteracy and poverty, creating health and safety awareness programs, etc.) in the countries in which they have operations. Discuss the

    Business Questions: Multinational Corporations

    Library Research Project We are witnessing a large number of multinational corporations (MNCs) getting involved in philanthropies and local communities'development activities (such as providing financial aid to remove illiteracy and poverty, creating health and safety awareness programs, etc.) in the countries in which they h

    Compare to leadership, strategic implementation, ethics

    During the strategic implementation process, the success of a global firm depends largely on the abilities of its leadership. It is therefore important to think about the concept of leadership and its relationship to management. In your Discussion Board, write a post that addresses the following: -Compare and contrast lead

    HR for a Multinational Organization with Operations in Japan, Argentina and France

    You are the U.S. regional head of HR for a multinational organization with operations in Japan, Argentina, and France. You have been asked to participate in a rotating assignment with the regional heads of HR in your affiliate offices. 1. What would you do to prepare for your position overseas? 2. What are at least three quali

    Leadership and Change at Siemens under CEO Kleinfeld

    Focus primarily on the major change that is taking place at Siemens under CEO Kleinfeld. Some of the issues to think through include: (a) his vision/goals strategies and how he implements them; (b) leadership style and how he performs his function; (c) culture change; (d) local HR legislation; and (e) feasibility of aggressi