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Financial Ratios

Quantitative Model

1. Micromedia is having a 2 day seminar in Microsoft Excel. The project fee is $300 per student. The conference room, instructor, assistants and promotion cost $4800. Micromedia rents the computers for its seminars at a cost of $30 per computer per day. a. Develop a model for the total cost to put on the seminar. Let x

C-V-P analysis : key informaiton

Answer all of the following questions. Explain your answer briefly and clearly, showing any necessary calculations. Your answer should be submitted in an Excel file. 1. The County Historical Society and Museum is considering holding a picnic as a fundraiser. They plan to charge $15 per ticket. They can rent a facility at

Financial ratios -mbaprog

Please calculate the following ratios for Lloyd and Emporium for 2000, 2001, & 2002: (see attached) Current ratio Acid-test ratio Days' receivables (based on ending receivables and assuming 100% credit sales) Days' payables (based on ending payables to sales) Inventory turnover Total liabilities/total assets Long-term d

Clearwater Company

Please answer the attached questions following the instructions. BE5-1 Compute missing amounts in determining net income. (SO 1) Presented below are the components in Clearwater Company's income statement. Determine the missing amounts. Sales Cost of Goods Sold Gross Profit Operating Expenses Net Income (a) $75,000

Net Income Ratio and Dividends for Nathan's famous

A. Determine the ratio of net income to net revenue or sales from Nathan's Famous consolidated income statement [attachment]. Do this for all years listed. Do you think the company is becoming more or less efficient? Explain. B. Find the retained earnings column or changes in retained earnings for the most recent year from Na

Break-Even Analysis of Operating Statistics

High School Traditions operates a shop that makes and sells class rings for local high schools. Operating statistics follow: Average selling price per ring $250 Variable costs per ring: Rings and stones $ 90 Sales commissions 18 Variable overhead 8 Annual fixed cost:

Ratio Analysis and Statement of Cash Flows

Target vs. WalMart summary comparing the companies two most recent fiscal years based upon based upon the following: Risk Management Select and calculate 3 financial ratios from Chapter 17 in Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, by Brealey for both fiscal years addressing the above topics. Finally, evaluate the annual and yea

Financial analysis of Amgen

Note sure how to "compute the change (negative or positive) in diluted earnings". Please look at problem and explain thank you in advance. Please look at excel for easier formatting reading. Only thing I got is the two formulas for Return on assets and Return on equity otherwise I'm pretty much stuck with the questions in the pr

Attached is a MS Excel spreadsheet containing financial ratios for Apple, Inc., explanations for the ratios used, as well as an operational analysis of the firm. I have also attached reference sources which you might find useful.Company: Apple

Comprehensive Financial Analysis Part I Paper Select a publicly traded organization. You may also visit the organization's website and review its annual and 10-K reports. Based on your findings, prepare a paper in which you evaluate the performance of your selected organization using financial ratios. Be sure to address the fo

Favorable Profit Ratio

How would combining two companies with differing profit ratios effect the new average profitability? Would this be favorable?

Marginal Cost and Revenue

If tr=600q-120q(squared) and tc = 80+160q-10q(squared), where q= quantity, tr = total revenue, and tc = total cost, find the profit maximising quantity at which marginal revenue (mr) equals marginal cost (mc) A company estimates that its total cost function is given by tc=16000+60q and its total revenue function is tr=80q. Wh

Ratio Analysis

The following are summary financial data for Parker Enterprises, Inc., and Boulder, Inc., for three recent years: Year Year 2 Year 1 Net sales (in millions): Parker Enterprises, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 3,700 $ 3,875 $ 3,882 Boulder, Inc . . . . . . . .

Break-Even Point & Contribution Margin

Regional Airways, Inc., a small two-plane passenger airline, has asked for your assistance in some basic analysis of its operations. Both planes seat 10 passengers each, and they fly commuters from Regional's base airport to the major city in the state, Metropolis. Each month 40 round-trip flights are made. Shown on page 219 is

Contribution margin per unit

Icon Industries is considering a new product for its Trophy Division. The product, which would feature an alligator, is expected to have global market appeal and to become the mascot for many high school and university athletic teams. Expected variable unit costs are as follows: direct materials, $18.50; direct labor, $4.25; pro

Breakeven Point Analysis

RE:"-If the firm was to the right of the curve or positive from the break even point means that fixed costs are high and variable costs are low." RE:"-If the firm is to the left or negative it means they have low fixed costs and higher variable costs Does moving to the right (or left) of the BE point cause variable costs

Financial Statements

Please calculate the following for each year: Net Margin Return on Investment Return on Equity Asset Turnover Ratio EPS (assume there are 100,000 shares outstanding). Price Earning Ratio (assume the current market price is $25 per share). 2. Please also submit for this task a 1-page WORD document to the

Ratio Analysis for Kale Company

Compute the specific ratios using Kale Company's balance sheet at December 31, 2004. Assets Cash 15,000 Marketable Securites 8,000 Accounts Receivable 13,000 Inventory 11,000 Property and Equipment 1


I would like for you to reference the and choose. (Targets Stores). Calculate the basic Inventory Ratios...Days sales in inventory and inventory turnover. Have these ratios been improving or deteriorating? Based on the reading of the 10k what strategies are employed by your respective company in managing inventory

Comparative income statement and balance sheet

7-10 slides Details: Put together a slide presentation for familiarizing staff with the current condition of the company. Those attending your presentation will include some who are less familiar with the use of financial ratios. Use the following financial statements for ALLGR Manufacturing to derive important financial rati

Contribution Margin/Break-Even Calculations - Lucido Products

Lucido Products markets two computer games: Claimjumper and makeover. A contribution format income statement for a recent month for the two games appears below: Claimjumper Makeover Total Sales $30,000 $70,000 $100,000 Less variable expenses 20,000 50,000 70,000 Contribution margin $10,000 $20,000 30,000 Less fixed exp

You have taken the following information from a firm's financial statements. As an investor in the firm's debt instruments, you are concerned with its liquidity position and its use of financial leverage. What conclusions can you draw from this information?

You have taken the following information from a firm's financial statements. As an investor in the firm's debt instruments, you are concerned with its liquidity position and its use of financial leverage. What conclusions can you draw from this information? 2004 2003 2002 Sales $1,700,000 $1,500,000 1,000,000 Ca

Finance Problems

1. Why is interest expense said to cost the firm substantially less than the actual expense, while dividends cost it 100 percent of the outlay? 2. If the accounts receivable turnover ratio is decreasing, what will be happening to the average collection period? 3. Griffey Junior Wear, Inc. has $800,000 in assets and $200,00

Calculating Financial Ratios

NuWell Trading Ltd. a) Calculate 1. Current ratio 2. Inventory turnover 3. Interest Cover Ratio 4. Return on Ordinary shareholders' equity 5. Earnings per ordinary share 6. Price/earning ratio b) Based on the ratios computed, comment on NuWell's financial position and the attractiveness of its ordinary shares to investors.


Assuming that the current ratio is currently 2, which of the following actions will increase it? 1. Purchasing inventory with cash. 2. Purchasing inventory on short-term credit. 3. Paying off a short-term bank loan with long-term debt. 4. None of the above increase the current ratio. 5. All of

EPS and PE Ratio

Walker machine tools has 5 million shares of common stock outstanding. The current market price of Walker common stock is $42 per share rights-on. The company's net income this year is $15 million. A rights offering has been announced in which 500,000 new shares will be sold at $36.50 per share. The subscription price plus 10 ri