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Financial Ratios

Comprehensive Spreadsheet Problem

COMPREHENSIVE/SPREADSHEET PROBLEM 4-25 Ratio analysis The Corrigan Corporation's 2004 and 2005 financial statements follow, along with some industry average ratios. a. Assess Corrigan's liquidity position, and determine how it compares with peers and how the liquidity position has changed over time. b. Assess Corrigan's asse

Ratio analysis

I need wide understanding about ratio analysis(e.g. liquidity, gearing, profitability, etc.)with examples and long precised description. No cutted material please because they dont link together!!!!minimum1200 words. I approciate it, i need to get a good explanation

A spreadsheet to support the decision making needs of SCTC's managers

SPREADSHEET EXERCISE: PERFORMING BREAKEVEN ANALYSIS AND SENSITIVITY ANALYSIS Selmore Collectible Toy Company (SCTC) makes toy sets consisting of collectible trucks, vans, and cars for the retail market. The firm is developing a new toy set that includes a battery-powered tractor-trailer, complete with cab and trailer, sports

Implied Interest, Capital Structure, Payout Ratio & WACC

Q4 - Suppose the September CBOT Treasury bond futures contract has a quoted price of 89-09. What is the implied annual interest rate inherent in the futures contract? a- 6.0 percent , b-6.5 percent, c-7.0 percent, d-7.5percent, e-8.0 percent. Please show all work and choose the best answer. Q1 - Plato Inc. expects to ha

Information about "Ratios"

Hi, I need some help with solving a probability ratio for 2 different companies - and I don't understand how to read and decipher the financial statements. Can someone help me? Review the following scenario: The CEO of your firm h

Madison Corporation

Please see the attached. Thank you. EXERCISE 14-7 Selected Financial Ratios for Common Stockholders (LO2) Recent financial statements for the Madison Corporation, a company that sells drilling equipment, are given below: Madison Corporation Balance Sheet June 30 Assets Current Assets: Cash $21, 000 Accou

Financial Accounting - Gap Inc.

Go to and click on Investors. Click on Financials on the menu to the left. Then click on 2006 Annual Report under "Downloads" in the box to the right. Read the entire report, skimming the technical areas. Also start reading articles about the print or online. This will give you a feel for th

Multiple choice questions in Accounts: Allowance for Doubtful Accounts, Current liabilities, Proceeds from the sale of the used equipment, operating activities section of a statement of cash flows, liquidity, profitability, and solvency ratios, significant influence

1) Allowance for Doubtful Accounts is reported in the a. balance sheet as a contra asset. b. balance sheet as a contra liability account. c. income statement under other expenses and losses. d. income statement under other revenues and gains. 2) Current liabilities are obligations that are reasonably

Financial Ratios for Fashions Inc

3. Fashions, Inc. is a retail store that sells sweaters and jackets. In the past, it has bought all its sweaters from a supplier for $20 per unit. However, Fashions has the opportunity to acquire a small manufacturing facility where it could produce its own sweaters. The projected data for producing its own sweaters are as fol

Huffman Trucking Co - Ratio Analysis

Use the information contained in Huffman Trucking Co. balance sheet and income statement to calculate the following ratios (balance sheet and income statements below: Liquidity ratios Current ratio Acid-test (quick) ratio Receivables turnover Inventory turnover Profitability ratios Asset turnover Profit margin Return o

Tboy - Break Even

Tboy produces only one type of product. The budget for the year is as follows: Selling price per unit $25 Variable Cost per unit $8 Total Fixed Costs $210,000 Budgeted profit $300,000 Required ? Calculate the break even point in dales volume and the margin of safety in sales revenue for the budgeted figures. ? F

Transactions and Financial Statements

The president of Castle Enterprises Ltd., Nicole Castle, is considering the impact that certain transactions have on its receivables turnover and average collection period ratios. Prior to the following transactions, Castle's receivables turnover was 6 times, and its average collection period was 61 days. See attached file fo

Spartan Sportswear's Current Assets

Spartan Sportswear's current assets consist of cash, marketable securities, accounts receivable, and inventories. The following data was abstracted from a recent financial statement: Inventories $180,000 Total assets $720,000 Current ratio 2.75 Acid-test ratio 1.5 Debt to equity ratio 1.4 Compute the following for Spar

Harry Hufnpuff GlassBlowing Analysis & Recommendations

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance! Below is a description of a company, Harry Hufnpuff, which is involved in glassblowing. You are to prepare a report with an analysis of Harry's business and recommendations for improvement as indicated below. Be sure to include your financial computations as indicated below:

Balance Sheet Accounting Ratios for a car-manufacturing company

Please see the attached file. "A" Plc is a car-manufacturing company. The profit and loss account and balance sheet for the year ended 31st March 2007 are shown below with comparative figures for 2006. "A" Plc Profit and Loss Account For the year ended 31st March 2007 2007 2006 ?000s ?000s ?000s ?000s Turn

Financial Ratio Comparrison: Computronix and Digitek

Please see the attached file. You have the following information taken from the 1996 financial statements of Computronics Corporation and Digitek Corporation (all figures are in $ millions except per share amounts): Computronix Digitek Net income 153.7 239.0 Dividend payout ration 40.0% 20.0% EB

How could the EEOC prove adverse impact?

A)How could the EEOC prove adverse impact? b)Cite specific discriminatory personnel practices at Dan Jones's company. c)How could Jones's company defend itself against the allegations of discriminatory practice? d)Would it make sense for this company to try to defend itself against the discrimination allegations? Dan Jones

Variable Cost/Fixed Costs

Slick Pads is a company that manufactures laptop notebook computers. The company is considering adding its own line of computer printers as well. It has considered the implications from the marketing and financial perspectives and estimates fixed costs to be $500,000. Variable costs are estimated at $200 per unit produced and so

Knowledge about Ratios

1. A company has annual sales of 500,000,000 maintains a net after tax profit margin of 5% and has a sales-to-assets ratio of 4. a. What is its return on assets? b. If its debt/equity ratio is 0.5,what is the return on equity? 2. On average, Microlimp's accounts receivables total$40,000,000 on annual sales of $400 mil

Calculating Ratios; Report to the President

To better understand the past two years, the president asks you to create a financial income statement and balance sheet for AFC for the combined years of 2004 and 2005. Use this information to calculate the following ratios: net margin return on investment return on equity Write a letter to the president analyzing a

Ratios, common-size statements, and trend percents

Please see attached file for full problem description. Required 1. Compute each year's current ratio. 2. Express the income statement data in common-size percents. 3. Express the balance sheet data in trend percents with 2004 as the base year. Analysis Component 4. Comment on any significant relations revealed by the rat

Sacha Lakic, is a designer of exclusive European furniture and accessories.

19. Sacha Lakic, is a designer of exclusive European furniture and accessories. One item he designs, Meuble de Rangement (a storage unit) sells for $1,000 per unit. Below is Mr. Lakic's contribution format income statement for last month: Sales $4,000,000 Less Variable Expenses 2,800,000 Contribution Margin 1,200,000 Less

Occupational Health & Safety: Christmas Lighting Displays

I need to complete a ppt slide. See attached document. Select a household hand tool or gadget. Develop a simple customer product safety training aid for its use. Include a flyer or handout and slides. Some examples: Power tool Hedge clipper Food processor Hand mixer Vacuum Carpet shampooer Lawn edger String t

A company has fixed costs of $900 and a per-unit contribution margin of $3.

A company has fixed costs of $900 and a per-unit contribution margin of $3. Which of the following statements is (are) true? A. Each unit "contributes" $3 toward covering the fixed costs of $900. B. The situation described is not possible and there must be an error. C. Once the break-even point is reached, the company will