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Financial Ratios

XYZ Corp: Fixed Costs vs. Variable Costs scenarios

What happens in the following COMPARED to sheet 1 (Please Review the attached Spreadsheet): 1) When fixed costs are higher and variable costs are lower, a) does the breakeven revenues go up or down? b) does the degree of operating leverage (DOL) go up or down? c) does projected profit for years 2 through

Ratio Analysis

Liquidity & Asset Utilization Ratios Coke Coke Pepsi 2004 2003 2004 Current Ratio Current Assets 3,264 $3,000.00 $2,039.00 $3,039.00 Current Liabilities $3,431.00 0.95 $3,941.00 0.76 $1,581.00 1.29 $2,478.00 Quick (Acid-Test) Ratio

Ratio Analysis

Based on the attached ratio, how do the two companies compare? See attached file for financials.

Ratio analysis

Help with ideas for this assignment! (See attached for complete problem description) --- Ratio Analysis Assignment Action Items: 1. Write a two-page paper describing ratio analysis. a. Outline the components of ratio analysis and how it is used in financial analysis and decision-making. b. Include the strength

Process costing, Acid-test ratio, direct materials. The cost of units transferred out during the month was. The company's acid-test (quick) ratio is. Compute the amount of direct materials used.

76. Trapp Company uses the weighted-average method in its process costing system. The beginning work in process inventory in its Painting Department consisted of 3,000 units that were 70% complete with respect to materials and 60% complete with respect to conversion costs. The cost of the beginning work in process inventory in t

Financial ratios

If we divide users of ratios into short-term lenders, long-term lenders, and stockholders, which ratios would each group be most interested in, why?

Intense Competitors

Bethlehem Steel and Inland Steel. (See attached file for full problem description) --- Selected financial data of two intense competitors in a recent year are presented below in millions of dollars. Bethlehem Steel Inland Steel Corporation Company Income Statement Data for Year Net sales

Farr Corporation Ratio analysis

The condensed financial statements of Farr Corporation for 2003 are presented below. Farr Corporation Farr Corporation Balance Sheet Income Statement December 31, 2003 For the Year Ended December 31, 2003 Assets Revenues $2,000,000 Current assets Expenses Cash and temporary Cost of goods sold 1,020,000 inve

Profitability and share analysis

Please can you check my answers and help me find the solutions to the others? There are two companies - Billibong and QuickSilver - I have written the page numbers to my answers so easy enough to find. I had some trouble attaching the two company files which have the figures used from their financial reports for the yea

Planning and budgeting

Andre has asked you to evaluate his business, Andre's Hair Stylling. Andre has five barbers working for him. (Andre is not one of them.) Each barber is paid $9.90 per hour and works a 40-hour week and a 50-week year, regardless of the number of haircuts. Rent and other fixed expenses are $1,750 per month. Hair shampoo used on al

Compute expected return on equity, debt-equity ratio, buyback

Problem #1 We follow the performance of the George Company with a stock that's trading for $14/share. They have 1MM outstanding shares and has $6MM in outstanding debt that yields 10% per annum. They have an EBIT of $4MM that will remain constant forever. The tax rate is 40%. 1. What is the expected return on equity before

Du Pont Method Effect on Equity

Please help with the following problems. Using the Du Pont method, evaluate the effects of the following relationships for Moris Incorporated. a. Moris Incorporated has a profit margin of 5 percent and its return on assets (investment) is 13.5 percent. What is its asset turnover ratio? b. If Moris Incorporated has a de

Interpreting Financial Statements

Manitowoc Company and Caterpillar Corporation are both producers and sellers of large fixed assets. Caterpillar is substantially larger than Manitowoc. Financial information taken from each company's financial statements is provided below. Caterpillar Manitowoc (in mi

Ratio Calculation

Calculate the following asset activity ratios for the end of 2005: 1. Average Collection Period 2. Inventory Turnover 3. Total Asset Turnover Please show all work, including formulae and calculations used to arrive at financial values. (Full problem found in attached file) ABC Fitness 000's Income State

Ratio analysis

Please help with the 3 discussion parts of the question, and review the work performed. Instructions (a) Calculate the following liquidity ratios for the current year, and discuss the relative liquidity of the two companies. 1 Current ratio. 2 Quick (acid-test) ratio. 3 Current cash debt coverage. 4 Accounts receivabl

Ratio Analysis

RATIO ANALYSIS The condensed financial statements of Farr Corporation for 2003 are presented below. Farr Corporation Farr Corporation Balance Sheet Income Statement December 31, 2003

Anderson Tools Company: financial analysis and project outline

Project Outline Part 1: Summary in English- Translate B+S and I+S in general format Part 2: Start analyzing the summary with comperative statement analysis for both B+S AND I+S (Horizontal Analysis) Part 3: Common size Comparison (Vertical Analysis) B+S (TOTAL) AND I+S (GROSS SALES GS OR NET SALES NS) Part 4: Sour

Break Even Point in a case study

Please help with the following problem. Hello, I need help solving the problem below in this case study, attached is the case. Questions: - What would the breakeven sales volume per month, assuming a ratio of two RC1 sold for each RC2 sold? (compute variable cost per unit and fixed cost per month) - What level of

MBA - Finance Problem Set

1. A firm has $30,000 of inventory. If this represents 30 days' sales, what is the annual cost of goods sold? What is the inventory turnover ratio? 2. On average, it takes Microlimp's customers 60 days to pay their bills. If Microlimp has annual sales of $500 million, what is the average value of unpaid bills? 3. How would the

Values in Marketable Securities, Retained Earnings & Sources

See attached file to view the table. 1. Solve for the missing values then show the firms sources and uses of funds. Briefly interpret your findings. The firms total asset turnover ratio is 5 for both years. In the first year, the year labeled Beg Balance, the firm had total revenues of $625,000 and during the second year, lab

Calculating Asset Activity Ratios

I need to calculate the following asset activity ratios for the end of 1999. 1. Average Collection Period 2. Inventory Turnover 3. Total Asset Turnover.

Joe and Mary's Dog Food, Financial Statement Analysis. Calculate ratios

**Please see attachment for case study info and balance sheet and income statement. 1. Create Funds statements for 2001, 2002 and 2003. 2. Calculate the following ratios for 2000: Current ratio, Quick ratio, Inventory turnover ratio, Gross profit Margin, Net profit margin, ROA, Asset turnover ratio, fixed asset turnover ra