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Financial Ratios

Compute the analytical measures listed below

0. Ratio of fixed assets to long-term liabilities 1. Acid-test ratio 2. Current ratio 3. Working capital 4. Accounts receivable turnover 5. Rate earned on total assets 6. Rate earned on common stockholders' equity 7. Number of times interest charges earned 8. Earnings per share on common stock

Financial Ratios

For each category of financial ratios, give some examples of who would be likely to examine these ratios and why. Category 1.Liquidity Analysis ie-current Ratio, Quick Ratio, Net working capital 2. Profitability Analysis Ratios ie- Return on Assets,Return on equity, EPS, Profit Margin 3. Acti

The break-even point

The Bruggs & Strutton Company manufactures an engine for carpet cleaners called the "Snooper." Cost and revenue data for the "Snooper" are given below, based on sales of 40,000 units. Sales $1,600,000 Less: Cost of goods sold 1,120,000 Gross margin $ 480,000 Less: Operating expenses 100,000 Op

Various Components of Break-even Analysis

There are two ways to produce electric screwdrivers and each has a different cost structure though they could be sold for the same price: Process A Process B Unit sales price = $30.00 Unit sales price= $30.00 Unit variable cost = $15.00 Unit variable cost = $10.00 Fixed cost = $4,500 Fixed cos

Technical Knowledge of Accounting

Please provide help with the following questions: SCENARIO: You and your small group have been asked to create an informative slide presentation to managers, most of whom do not have a technical knowledge of accounting. QUESTIONS: 1. First, you will discuss key elements with top executives. 2, How will investor

Influence Chart and Spreadsheet

Constance's Vacation to New York Projected expenses broken down into 2 categories: "living expenses" (for food and lodging) and "vacation expenses" (for travel and internment). For planning purposes: plans to spend $90 per day for food and $ 170 per day for lodging. Travel costs a lump sum of $375 (including airli

Evaluating Financial Performance - R&E Supplies

Attached financial statements over the period 2002-2005 for R&E Supplies, Inc. A. Use these statements to calculate as many of the ratios in Table 2.2 as possible. B. What insights do these ratios provide about R&E's financial performance? What problems, if any, does the company appear to have?

Please provide answer and explanation in word format.

1. The Veblen Company and the Knight Company are identical in every respect except that Veblen is not levered. The market value of Knight Company's 6-percent bonds is $1 million. Financial information for the two firms appears below. All earnings streams are perpetuities. Neither firm pays taxes. Both firms distribute all earni

Ratio analysis - Liquidity ratios // Garcia Company

The financial statements of Garcia Company include the following data: Please see attached document. Compute the inventory turnover ratio for 2006. Round answer to two decimal places. Compute the debt to total assets ratio for 2006. Round answer to the nearest percentage. Use all the debt to calculate the ratio.

What we can do to improve our ratios so we can qualify for a loan?

"Who can figure bankers?" Pehr Weisengraf mumbled as he returned to the office of his small candy manufacturing business, Professional Confectioners. "They're willing to lend money only to those business owners who don't really need it. If you can prove you don't need it, they'll throw it at your feet. Unfortunately, we need it,

Break-Even Analysis for Kent Company

Kent Company prepared the following table detailing its operating percentages for last year: Sales.................................... 100% Cost of sales: Variable............................ 50% Fixed................................. 10% 60% Gross profit.......................... 40% Other operating expenses

Break-Even Analysis

Last year Easton Company reported sales of $720,000, a contribution margin ratio of 30% and a net loss of $24,000. Based on this information, the break-even point was: $640,000 $880,000 $744,000 $800,000

Financial Statements

Given the financial statements for Johnson Corporation and Simpson Corporation shown here: a. To which company would you, as credit manager for a supplier, approve the extension of (short-term) trade credit? Why? Compute all relevant ratios before answering. b. In which one would you buy stock? Why? See attached file

Ratio Analysis Information

Who uses financial ratio analysis information? How can you determine if an organization will be unable to pay its bills? How can you determine if an organization is using too much debt?

Recording Sales Transactions

See the attached file. Recording sales transactions. See attached file for full problem description. 7.10 Aging of Accounts Receivable Madariaga Company's accounts receivable reveal the following balances: Operating Activities Age of Accounts Receivable Balance Current . . .

What is the break even level of daily output for the firm?

Tetrangle Manufacturing has fixed costs of $2,160 per day. The firm manufactures bicycle component upgrade kits. The kits have a short-run average variable cost of $48 and are sold for $66 each. (i) What is the break even level of daily output for the firm? (ii) What is the degree of operating leverage when daily output is

Compute the company's monthly break-even point in units of product.

Parkins Company produces and sells a single product. The company's income statement for the most recent month is given below: Sales (6,000 units at $40 per unit) $240,000 Less manufacturing costs: Direct materials $48,000 Direct labor (variable) 60,000 Variable factory overhead 12,000 Fixed factory overh

Bank Notes and Liquidity

NBS Company has guaranteed a $1,000,000 bank note for XY Company. How would this influence the liquidity ratios of NBS Company? How should this situation be considered?

Wal-Mart and Federated Department stores

See attached file for full problem description. If the figures are not accurate please help with that too. 1. From Investor Relations sections of websites of Wal-Mart and Robinsons May (use Google), compile dividend (annual) information and net income figures of each company for the years 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, and 20

Annie McCoy - Break Even Analysis

Annie McCoy, a student at Tech, plans to open a hot dog stand inside Tech's football stadium during home games. There are seven home games scheduled for the upcoming season. She must pay the Tech athletic department a vendor's fee of $3,000 for the season. Her stand and other equipment will cost her $4,500 for the season. She es

Capital Ratio and Balance Sheet Analysis

National Bank has the following balance sheet (in millions) and has no off-balance-sheet activities. (See attached file for full problem description) Assets Liabilities and Equity Cash $20 Deposits $980 Treasury bills 40 Subordinated debentures 40 Residential mortgage 600 Common Stock 4

Incremental contribution margin

I am working on cost analysis and got stuck on the incremental contribution margin. It's number 2 in the worksheet attached. I put my notes of what I was trying to do next to the line items.

Three questions/ multiple choice

Holding all other factors constant, the break-even point will be decreased by a. increasing the fixed costs. b. decreasing the contribution margin. c. increasing the selling price. d. increasing the variable cost per unit. Louie's Lunch Counter's employees know that they serve three meat and potatoes lunch

Debt Ratio Equity Ratio Debt Yield (a-tax) Cost of Equity

P1. Longhorn Corporation is a startup company that wishes to calculate its weighted average cost of capital. You have been hired to perform this work, and the CFO has provided the following facts relative to it: Debt Ratio Equity Ratio Debt Yield (a-tax) Cost of Equity 20% 80% 6.00% 8.50% 40% 60% 7.00% 9.00% 50

Short-term ability to pay

Ratio analysis for the short-term is important and many of the techniques are easy to use and can provide you significant data as to the company's ability to pay short-term debt. But, will these same techniques provide you with abundant information about the current daily operations for the same period? Will the cash flow of the