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Financial Ratios

Walgreens Financial Analysis

Can you help me get started with this assignment? ** REFER to financial analysis DOWN BELOW & Financial Data: ATTACHED ** 3. Determine the firm's market ratios, including their price/earnings ratio, market-to-book ratio, and dividend ratios. Track this over the same period as the other ratios used in your analysis to identify

XYZ Company Financial Ratio Analysis

See attached files. The following stakeholders are interested in XYZ Corporations financial results: Big Bank, Inc. is a potential lender. The employees' union is concerned about the progress of XYZ's management team. XYZ's biggest customer, Big Biz. Inc., is considering purchasing a large block of stock. Use the i

Breakeven Analysis for EBS, a baseball bat manufacturer

Please provide a detailed breakeven analysis given the following data. 1. EBS is a baseball bat manufacturer. They sell baseball bats to a variety of stores. 2. The "Unit" description for this project is, one Easton BCN9 Stealth IMX Adult Baseball Bat. The manufacturer's retail price for this unit is $400. The price r

Breakeven point for Peoria plant and Moline plant

All fixed costs per unit are calculated based on normal capacity usage consisting of 240 working days. When the number of working days exceeds 240, overtime charges raise the variable manufacturing costs of additional units by $3.00 per unit in Peoria and $8.00 per unit in Moline. Domestic Engines Co. is expected to produce

Business Analysis - Rarett Company

See attached spreadsheet. Additional information: 1. There are $18000 shares of common stock outstanding 2. Dividends paid in 2003 and 2004 were $112000-$6000 to preferred shareholders and $50000 to common shareholders. No dividends were paid in 2002. 3.Market price per share of common stock is $15 in 2002, $25in 2003, and

Dupont Analysis

A firm has been experiencing low profitability in recent years. Per- form an analysis of the firm's financial position using the DuPont equation. The firm has no lease payments but has a $2 million sinking fund payment on its debt. The most recent industry average ratios and the firm's financial statements are as follows: In

Determining Breakeven Points

Breakeven analysis Barry Carter is considering opening a music store. He wants to estimate the number of CDs he must sell to break even. The CDs will be sold for $13.98 each, variable operating costs are $10.48 per CD, and annual fixed operating costs are $73,500. a. Find the operating breakeven point in number of CDs. b.

Tootsie Roll Corporation: Calculate and analyze ratios from annual report

Using the Library and other course resources, find a manufacturing company's annual report. Calculate the following ratios for the company selected: ? Return on Assets ? Return on Equity ? Gross Profit Margin ? Debt/Equity Ratio ? Debt Ratio ? Current Ratio ? Quick Ratio ? Inventory Turnover ? Total Asset Tu

Market/book ratio - Winston Washers

Winston Washers' stock price is $75 per share. Winston has $10 billion in total assets. Its balance sheet shows $1 billion in current liabilities, $3 billion in long term debt, and $6 billion in common equity. It has 800 million shares of common stock outstanding. What is Winston's market/book ratio?

Tax liability

Please see the attached file. 1.) Suppose the following data holds: In 2004, John and Marcy owned a small business which was held as a proprietorship in Marcy's name. They were thinking of incorporating if that would lower their total tax liability. They expected the company to earn $120,000 before next taxes next year. The

PDA Simulation #2

This was our first run of the PDA simulation using the strategy from module 1.

PDA Simulation #1

Handheld Corporation is a moderately successful company. In 2006, they had a profitability of twenty-two percent. In the next four years, I would like to manipulate operations to the extent of maximizing profits. The strategy is, simply, to continue with what works and discontinue what does not.

Complete the Ratio analysis of Landry's Restaurant

Week 4 Individual Assignment: Ratio Analysis of Landry's Restaurant Click the tab at the bottom of this sheet titled "Problem worksheet" to complete the template Landry's annual report can be found in Appendix A; Fundamentals of Financial Accounting, 1st ed. The appendix has m

Cash flow & analytical measures

Please help me finding good answers for 2 problems. Thank you. The net income reported on an income statement for the current year was $55,000. Depreciation recorded on fixed assets for the year was $24,000. Balances of the current asset and current liability accounts at the end and beginning of the year are listed below.

Accounting:Ratio analysis.

You and five friends have decided to form a company to manufacture and distribute widgets. You have all agreed to provide £4,000 each to start the company. An initial marketing survey of past and present students has been undertaken as part of an MSc student project and the results of the study suggest that there is considerab

Basics of Analysis of Ratios

You have been asked to prepare training materials that explain the major categories of financial ratios and what they measure. Discuss the major categories of ratios and what they measure. Your posting should demonstrate your understanding by providing an example of each major category of ratio. The examples should be calculated

Balance Sheet Calculations

1. Given the following data for Gary and Co (Millions of Dollars) Balance Sheet Dec 31 200X Cash $ 45 Accounts Payables $ 45 Marketable Securities 33 Notes Payables 45 Receivables 66 Other Current liabilities

Ethics, compliance, and ratios analysis - Wal-Mart

Evaluate your selected organization's financial performance over the past two years using financial rations. Calculate the following rations for each year: 1. Current 2. Debt 3. ROE (return on equity) 4. Days receivables Discuss the trend for each ratio and what it tells you about the organization's financial health.

Computing a Break Even for New Skis

Please see the attached file for the complete problem description Ski-YA! Is Colorado-based company that sells high-performance ski equipment. When it comes to the serious business of sliding downhill, the Ski-YA! Dudes of Colorado don't trouble themselves with petty categories: to them, all alpine snow equipment is summed up

Westwood Corporation: Compute Ratios

42. From the following information, compute the ratios indicated and place the proper numbers in the spaces provided. Assume the average for the year is the same as the ending balances for the balance sheet accounts. Round percentages to one decimal place, and show your work. Westwood Corporation Balance Sheet December 31,

Cadet Corporation: Compute 11 ratio analyzes

Selected year-end financial statements of Cadet Corporation follow. (All sales were on credit; selected balance sheet amounts at December 31, 2008, were inventory, $56,900; total assets, $219,400; common stock, $85,000; and retained earnings, $52,348.) CADET CORPORATION Income Statement For Year Ended December 31, 2009

Description of Current Ratio

The current ratio in the company, for which you are a financial analyst, is 3 to 1. The average for other firms in the industry is 1.6 to 1. Management has asked you to evaluate the company's ratio, and explain why it is nearly twice the industry's average. What factors are responsible for the difference? Are we better off than

Effect on Firm's Return on Net Operating Assets

A firm earns a profit margin of 3.8 percent on sales of $435 million and employs net operating assets of $150 million to do so. It considers adding another product line that will earn a 4.8 percent profit margin with an asset turnover of 2.3. What would be the effect on the firm's return on net operating assets of adding the ne

Industry Analysis

See Attachment (All three tabs) 1) Find the most recent three year financial data on US Steel, Microsoft, Disney, and Home Depot. Provide three years of ratios for each: Retention ratio US Steel Microsoft Disney Home Depot Year 1 (most current) Year 2 Year 3 Net profit margin US Steel Microsoft D

Ratio Transaction Effects

Indicate the effect of each transaction on the ratio (Time Interest Earned) (Debt ratio) (Debt to equity ratio) and (Debt to Tangible net worth). Use + to indicate increase and - to indicate decrease and 0 for no effect. Assume an initial time interest earned of more than 1, and a debt ratio, debt/equity ratio, and total debt to