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Financial Ratios

Coca-Cola and PepsiCo: Solvency ratios

Given the following data, prepare a solvency analysis of Coca-cola and PepsiCo. Coca-Cola PepsiCo Total current asset $ 12,094 $ 8,639 Total current liabilities 10,971 6,752 Net sales 21,962 29,261 Cost of goods sold 7,638 13,406 Net income 4,847 4,212 Average (net) rec

Golden Company: Breaking Even and Additional Sales for Promotions

The Golden Company has experienced a steady growth in the past three years. The managemetn of the company believes that an additional sales promotion program is necessary to maintain the compan's present growth. The company's normal activity is 20,000 units per year. The following budgeted data have been prepared for the curren

Calculating CM Ratio, breakeven sales and operating leverage

Refer data given below: MARJOLEIN & CO. Unit price $20 Variable cost per unit 6 Annual fixed costs 210,000 Calculate CM Ratio, Contribution margin and breakeven sales. (3) Estimated sales increase $200,000 Calculate in increase in contribution margin and net operating income.

Effect of transactions on liquidity measures

Please see attached. Selected balance sheet accounts for Tibbets Company on September 30,2008 are as follows; Cash $32,000 Marketable securities 58,000 Accounts receivable, net 86,000 Inventory 90,000 Prepaid expenses 14,000 Total current assets $280,000 Accounts payable $98,000 Other accrued liabilities 22

Spectrum, Inc: Prepare and evaluate Financial Ratios

Utilizing the attached Enclosure 1 "Balance Sheet and Income Statement for Spectrum, Inc" a) Compute the following eight (8) financial ratios and provide a one sentence explanation of the analytic use of each ratio test. Show your formulas and input. Accuracy to two decimal points is sufficient. b) Evaluate how Spectrum's fi

Understanding the Effects of Operating Leverage

Lowell Inc. and Tuscan Time operate in the same industry and had the following operating results in 2007. Sales = $2,100,000, $2,100,000 Variable Expenses = $420,000, $1,260,000 Contribution Margin = $1,680,000, $840,000 Fixed Expenses = $1,470,000, $630,000 Operating Income = $210,000, $210,000 a. Calculate the break-

Disney Corporation: Ratio Analysis

Determine these ratios, for Disney Corporation. Current Ratio Inventory Turnover Ratio Accounts Receivable Turnover Ratio Debt to equity Ration Return on Assets Return on Equity Gross Margin on Sales

Breakeven Analysis: Innovative Sports

Innovative Sports sells a patented golf trainer called the Puttmaster. This device, sells for $69.95. The Puttmaster is sold through a distributor who sells to retail stores. The distributor pays Innovative Sports $30.85 for each Puttmaster. Innovative Sports also sells them through 30-min television infomercials for $69.95 p

Balance Sheet & Income statement

I'm getting a lot of different answers. Could someone please help with the yellow section. Thank you. Huffman Trucking Balance Sheet (Unaudited) (In Thousands)

Income statement

Please find answers top C and D. Huffman Trucking Statement of Income (Unaudited) December 31st 2006 2005 (In Thousands) Revenue $879,944 $807,288 Operating Expenses Salaries, Wages & Benefits $353,739 $330,597 Fuel Expense 217,363 192,357 Operating Supplies and Expenses 152,318 136,319

Maxson Products break-even using equation method

Maxson Products distributes a single product, a woven basket whose selling price is $8 and whose variable cost is $6 per unit. The company's monthly fixed expense is $5,500. Required: Solve for the company's break-even point in unit sales using the equation method. Solve for the company's break-even point in sales dollars

Mustang Company: Compute 14 common ratios

See attached file. The comparative statements of Mustang Company are shown below. Mustang Company Income Statements For the years ended Dec 31 2005 2004 Net Sales $780,000 $624,000 Cost of good sold 440,000 405,600 Gross profit 340,000 218,400 Selling and administrative expense 146,880

Compare P/E Ratios

One of the more closely watched ratios by investors is the price/earnings or P/E ratio. By dividing price per share, analysts get insight into the value the market attaches to a company's earnings. More specifically, a high P/E ratio (in comprasion to companies in the same industry) may suggest the stock is overpriced. Also, the

Ratios/Pro-forma income

Calculate a few ratios and compare Reed's results with industry averages. What do these ratios indicate? Assuming that Reed's can improve its operations to be in line with the industry averages, construct a 1995 pro forma income statement. Assume that net sales will be reduced 5 percent to $1,938,000 but that depreciation a

Analysis of Annual Report-Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Prepare a paper that includes performance ratios based on the company's last two annual reports and data available on the company's Web site. o Compute the eight ratios listed below for two con

Financial Accounting practice problems

Please see the attached and complete the 2 practice problems in excel. Please complete these 2 practice problems in excel. 1. P13-1A Here are comparative statement data for East Company and West Company, two competitors. All balance sheet data are as of December 31, 2007, and December 31, 20

Jack Frost Company: compute 14 financial ratios for 2007

See attached file. Computing Ratios JACK FROST COMPANY Income Statements For the Years Ended December 31 The comparative statements of Jack Frost Company are presented here. 2007 2006 Net sales $1,890,540 $1,750.500 Costs of goods sold 1,058,540 996,000 Gross profit 832,000 754,500 Selling and administrative

Return on Investment

Please see attachment. ASSIGNMENT - DuPONT SYSTEM OF RETURN ON INVESTMENT Instructions to record the ratios for return on investment (assets) using the DuPont system. Instructions. You will need a small calculator to complete the assignment. 1) Enter the correct figures from the Income Statement and Bala

Financials of the 2004 Annual Report for General Motors at the GM Web site.

Http:// · Your instructor will divide the class into two discussion clusters. · Respond to one of the following in your assigned cluster thread: o As a lender, state which financial ratios you would use and how you would use them to evaluate a company. Identify

Profitability ratios

Access the filing of the 2004 10-K (annual report) of the Hershey Foods Corporations (ticker HSY) at: and complete the following requirements. Compute or identify the following profitability ratios of Hershey for its years ending December 31, 2004

Evaluating Target Corporation's Annual Report

I need help with the following assignment. You can go to to retrieve Target's '06 and '07 reports Prepare a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper,that includes performance ratios based on the company's last two annual reports and data available on the company's Web site. o Compute the eight ratios listed below