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Multiple choice: Norville Creations, Excalibur Corporation, Controllable margin

3. Norville Creations wants to achieve an after-tax profit of $45,000 for the year ended December 31, Year 1. The company sells its product for $35 per unit and has a contribution margin ratio of 15%. the company's fixed costs are currently $150,000 and its tax rate is 25%. How many units must Norville selll to achieve its after

Financial Forecasts

You are the manager of the high school athletic team division of On Your Mark, a manufacturer of athletic equipment and apparel, which has recently gone through the initial public offering (IPO) process and has become a public company. On Your Mark has annual sales revenue of approximately $50 million and makes seven unique and

Retirement Plan Investments

Assume that you are setting up your retirement plan by considering two investment plans together. (your retirement in 30 years). You want to earn a total of $1,000,000 after 30 years from two investment plans. o First investment plan: You currently have $40,000 in the bank and decide to invest the $40,000 in a money market acc

Cost of Living

What would happen to the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar if the base period for the cost of living index were 1980 = 100 and the index reached the following levels in the indicated years? a) 1985â?"116 b) 1990â?"127 c) 1995â?"134

Operating Cycle Changes: Increase, Decrease, or No Change

Changes in the operating cycle. Indicate the effect that the following will have on the operating cycle. Use the letter I to indicate and increase, the letter d for a decrease, and the letter n for no change. a. Receivables average goes up b. Credit repayment times for customers are increased c. Inventory turnover goes from

Finance Question

Imagine that you were hired recently as a financial analyst for a relatively new, highly leveraged ski manufacturer located in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Your firm manufactures only one product, a state-of-the-art snow ski. The company has been operating up to this point without much quantitative knowledge of t


Annie Oakley is purchasing a home for $215,000. She will finance the mortgage for 15 years and pay 7% interest on the loan. She makes a down payment that is 20% of the purchase price. a. Find the monthly payment, including principal and interest. b. Calculate the total interest Annie will pay over the 15 year period.

Finance Excel Review Questions

See the attached file. REVIEW QUESTIONS ALREADY IN EXCEL FORMAT. Given Solution Legend HI Oil Dec-09 Dec-08 = Value given in problem Sales $13,368.00 $12,211.00 = Formula/Calculation/Analysis required Cost of Goods Sold (10,591.00) (9,755.00) = Qualitative analysis or Short answer required

Financial pressure and ratios

A firm faces financial pressures from attempting to grow too rapidly. Which of the following ratios would you expect to be impacted the most by these pressures? Why? Current ratio Quick ratio Inventory turnover ratio Days sales outstanding Fixed assets turnover ratio Total assets turnover ratio Debt ratio Times-inter

Home financing options

For a home that is priced at $599,000.00 and a down payment of 20% $119,800. - Research 2 different financing options. Use Excel (or other approved spread sheet) to create an amortization schedule for the life of both financing options. - Write an analysis that compares and contrasts the two financing options in detail

Principal vs interest in loan payment

You just got a mortgage to buy your first house from ABH bank. Do you think you are going to contribute more to the reduction of your unpaid balance at the end of each month in the early years of your payments or toward the end of the life of the mortgage? Explain why or why not. You can justify your answer with an example.

Cost accounting

A Steven's Medical Equipment Company manufactures hospital beds. Its most popular model, Deluxe, sells for $5,000. It has variable costs totaling $2,800 and fixed costs of $1,000 per unit, based on an average production run of 5,000 units. It normally has four production runs a year, with $600,000 in setup costs each time. Plant

Mortgage Timeline

You currently have a four-year-old mortgage outstanding on your house. You make monthly payments of $1500. You have just made a payment. The mortgage has 26 years to go (i.e., it had an original term of the years). Show the timeline from your perspective. How would the timeline differ if you created from the bank's pers

Financial Management: Loan Timeline

The timeline... 1. You have just taken out a five-year loan from a bank to buy an engagement ring. The ring costs $5,000. You plan to put $1,000 down and borrow $4,000. You will need to make annual payments of $1,500 at the end of each year. Show the timeline of the loan from your prospective. How would the timeline diff

Calculating Net Income and Investment Base

Harbor Corporation had sales of $1,500,000 for the year ended Dec 31, 2004, an asset turnover ratio of 2 for the same period, and a return on investment of 6 percent. What was Harbor's net income and investment base?

Internals Control System and Procedures for XYZ Company

You are an accountant at a local CPA firm that is auditing the accounting records of XYZ Company. You have been asked to educate the accounting department about the limitations of the internal control system in preparation for an upcoming audit. During your audit, you have identified that because of a weak internal control s

Corporate Finance

Calculating the variance and standard deviation: Barbara is considering investing in a stock and is aware that the return on that investment is particularly sensitive to how the economy is performing. Her analysis suggests that four states of the economy can affect the return on the investment. Using the table of returns and

cash budgeting

Cash Budgeting. Helen Bowers, owner of Helen's fashion designs, is planning to request a line of credit from her bank she has estimated the following sales forecasts for the firm for parts of 2006 and 2007: May 2006 $180,000 June 180,000 July 360,00 August 540,000 September 720,000 October 360,000 November 360,000

Mortgage Loan Analysis

Mini-Project 1: Mortgage Loan Analysis: Mr. and Mrs. Smith plan to buy a house in Los Angeles in October, 2010. The purchase price of the house is $580,000. They plan to pay 20% down payment and borrow the remaining 80% from ABC Bank with a 15-year, 4% fixed-rate mortgage loan. They are expected to pay an equal MONTHLY payment s

Writing a Memo Analyzing the Performance of SAC for 2005/2006

See the attached file. Assist in writing a memo to your superior analyzing the performance of SAC for 2005 and 2006. This analysis should be based on the information found in the consolidated financial statements. Attached is the 2005 and 2006 financial information. Your memo should include the following financial rati

Error in Amortization Schedule

Wilkins Food Products, Inc. acquired a packaging machine from Lawrence Specialists Corporation. Lawrence completed construction of the machine on January 1, 2004. In payment for the machine Wilkins issued a three-year installment note to be paid in three equal payments at the end of each year. The payments include interest at th

Regulations and the Changing Financial Market Landscape

After the training session on monetary policy and its ability to influence the money supply, you decide to focus on the other key role of the Fed, which is regulating the nation's banks. In particular, you want to focus on regulation in the context of impacting the money supply. Given the relative lack of media coverage on regul

Your full service stock broker would (assuming that he knows some finance): prefer to have you think that financial markets are highly efficient prefer to have you think that financial markets are inefficient not care any whether you think financial markets are efficient or inefficient prefer that you believe there is no way that a "January effect" could exist

38. Your full service stock broker would (assuming that he knows some finance): prefer to have you think that financial markets are highly efficient prefer to have you think that financial markets are inefficient not care any whether you think financial markets are efficient or inefficient prefer tha

Growth Rate, A/R, Contribution Margin, and Collection Float

Problem One: Key financial data from the most recent annual report of Derson Manufacturing is listed below. Sales $12.7 million Net income $ 1.3 million Total assets $ 7.6 million Total equity $ 5.2 million Dividends $ 0.3 million The firm's CFO wishes to use this data to estimate the firm's sustainable