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High Low method, Sensitivity analysis, operating leverage, break even

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Bonkers, Inc. makes highly processed and sugary cereals for people that don't care
about their health. One of their costs is shipping of their products. In the year 2010
Bonkers incurred the following shipping costs:


January 1,000 $225,000
February 1250 $235,000
March 1750 275,000
April 2250 320000
May 3000 330000
June 3500 345000
July 3450 350000
August 3300 343000
September 2750 315000
October 2000 255,000
November 1500 245,000
December 1250 240,000

Bonkers would like to know if you can come up with a cost formula to show its
management how much of its cost is fixed and how much is variable, or if it WORK SPACE
is even possible to do this. Using the high-low method, determine the
fixed cost and variable cost per ton to ship Bonkers cereas. Then
enter a cost formula in the form Y =a+bx Leave no spaces between the variables.
Looking at the other months and costs of shipping, do you think that the
high-low cost formula you calculated in 1 above is accurate?


word bank
2) 4 no

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Please see the attachment. Please see the cell formula for calculation details.

High Low Method - We take the highest and the lowest values. Highest is June 3,500 and lowest in Jan 1,000
The variable cost is calculated as (change in cost)/(change in units)
Fixed cost = Total cost - Total variable cost
Cost function = Fixed cost + variable cost ...

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