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Financial Techniques Article Analysis

Select for analysis one article from recent periodical or professional and academic journal. Give critical comments for this article support by overall financial techniques. Sum this article up in 500 words:

Variable Costs for Low Month

Meals; high-low = 4,900-3,500=1400 Cost; high-low=$26,000-$20,500 =$5,500 The variable cost per meal: $5,500divided by 1,400 =$3.93 The variable cost for the low month; $13,755 Fixed cost; $20,500-[3,500 * $3.93] =$6,745 Px =a + bx 5.77 X =6,745 +3.93X 5.77-3.93=6,745+[3.93-3.93] 1.84X=6,745 1.84X DIVIDED BY 1.84X=6,745

Evaluating overall performance and quality of financial statements

1. Explain how you would go about evaluating the overall performance of a firm. Suppose you have $100,000 and want to invest the money. How would you proceed to find a good company to put your money in? What is it you are looking for (it has to be in finance terminology)? 2. Discuss the importance of quality in a firm's

Setting prices on drugs

If you are working at Johnson & Johnson and one of your responsibilities is to set prices for new drugs. The firm has invented a cure for Aids and is protected by patent. The cost for the one time injection that cures the disease is $100 and includes amortization of the development cost (The $1 billion cost to develop the pro

Accounting Problems

1. You will require $700 in 5 years. If you earn 5 percent interest on your funds, how much will you need to invest today to reach your goal? a. $575.34 b. $548.47 c. $545.44 d. $573.35 2. You deposit $1,000 in your bank account. If the bank pays 4 percent compounded interest, how much will you accumulate in your acc

Key Financial Relationships

Using the following references: AT&T - Use 2008 Annual Report: Verizon - Use the RED tabs at the top of the page to locate financial information Compare AT&T and Verizon's two most recent fiscal years based up

Unrecognized Gains and Losses, Corridor Amortization

(Unrecognized Gains and Losses, Corridor Amortization) Rachel Avery, accounting clerk in the personnel office of Clarence G. Avery Corp., has begun to compute pension expense for 2004 but is not sure whether or not she should include the amortization of unrecognized gains/losses. She is currently working with the following begin

Centennial Chemical Corp Depreciation and Amortization

The Centennial Chemical Corp. announced that for the period ending March 31, 2008, it had earned income after taxes worth $5,330,275 on revenues of $13,144,680. The company's costs (excluding depreciation and amortization) amounted to 61 percent of sales, and it had interest expenses of $392,168. What is the firm's depreciation

Cost of providing police services for football games

How much does it currently cost the university to provide police services for football games? What would be the pros and cons of subcontracting this work completely to outside law enforcement agencies? Case Study " Southwestern University" from textbook Operations Management 9th ed. 4500-700 words.

Systematic savings plan

Wong, currently 35, plans to retire at the age of 65. His current salary is $750,000 per annum that is expected to increase by 3% yearly. Upon retirement, he expects to maintain the same standard of living by spending 50% of his last drawn salary to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, he also plans to liquida

Bundling to maximize profits

BUNDLING AT THE SYMPHONY Value of Piece Type of Patron "Old Favorite" "Avant Garde" Conservatives (70% of Market Potential) $3.00 $1.00 Progressives (30% of Market Potential) $2.00 $5.00 Total Market = 1000 Patrons (700 Conservative and 300 Progressive) A concert consists of three pieces and each season consi

GM and Saturn: Funding and Results

Throughout its existence, Saturn has never turned a profit for General Motors. Research the history of Saturn and GM's decision to continue funding it (although GM has now decided to close down the auto maker). Why hadn't Saturn made a profit? Was escalation of commitment in play in GM's decision? If so, how?

Lansing outperform the market on a risk-adjusted basis

The stock of Lansing Corporation has a beta of 1.2. Lansing earned an annual return of 14 percent during a period when the return on the market portfolio was 12.5 percent. If the risk-free rate was 6 percent, did Lansing outperform the market on a risk-adjusted basis? There are several publishers who will provide a beta for

Corporate Finance: Data Case

Data Case Stock beta for Beckman Engineering and Associates (BEA) is 1.2 and an expected return of 12.5%. BEA is an all-equity company. BEA's expected earnings per share this coming year $1.50, with forward P/E ratio of 14. Suppose BEA issues new risk-free debt with 5% yield and repurchases 40% of its stock. Assume perfe

Future Value, EPS and Capital Structure

P4-3 Future value tables Use the future value interest factors in Appendix Table A-1 in each of the cases shown in the table on the facing page to estimate, to the nearest year, how long it would take an initial deposit, assuming no withdrawals, a. To double b. To quadruple P12-19 EBIT-EPS and capital structure Data-

Pure Expectations Theory and Spot Rate

Introduction to Finance Week 3 Numerical Exercises: S. No. Problem 1 If the one-year spot rate is 5% (R1) (APR) and Two-year spot rate is 5.5% (R2) (APR) calculate the one-year rate one-year (Forward rate)(FR1) from today using pure expectations theory. 2 Given the following table: Type of Security

Ratios for Investors and Managers

You are considering investing in a company. Which financial ratios would you find most useful? Why? You are an upper-level manager in a company. Which financial ratios would you consider most useful? Would these ratios be different than the ones you would consider useful as an investor? Why or why not?

Financial Ratios Calculations

P13-2A The Comparative statements of Jack Frost Company are presented here. Jack Frost Company Income Statement For the year ended December 31 2007 2008 Net Sales $1,890,540

Important Information about Sole Proprietorship

Your friend, Don Jones, has begun his new small business as a sole proprietorship. Comment on his choice. Is a sole proprietorship the best choice for this business? Why/Why not? What are the alternatives for Don? How does the business ownership type affect the accounting for the business? Explain the steps in the accounting

Finance Problems

Solve the Financial Problem in the attachment for Scott Equipment Organization and Lewis Enterprises. Based on the following scenario, complete the calculations below: Scott Equipment Organization is . Assume that the organization has decided to employ $30 million in current assets, along with $35 million in fixed assets, i

Cost Perspective

The CEO has been considering the option of licensing a regional manufacturer. However, since he invented the technology, he is very concerned about how to structure such an agreement in order to fully protect the intellectual property. In addition, he does not fully trust European firms, mainly because of the recent developments

Increasing Leverage and EBIT

Please help with the following problem. Provide step by step calculations. 1. Dominion expects to have net income next year of $24 million and Free Cash Flow of $27 million. Dominion's marginal corporate tax rate is 40%. What Dominion's EBIT? [Hint: EBIT = NI + Taxes + Interest expense] 2. Dominion expects to have net

Non-Cash Assets and Repurchasing Shares

Please help with the following problems. Provide step by step calculations for each. 1. John is a successful logistical services firm that currently has $5 billion in cash. John has decided to use this cash to repurchase shares from its investors, and has already announced the stock repurchase plan. Currently John is an all

Free Cash Flows and Unlevered Equity

1. Consider a project with free cash flows in one year of $90,000 in a weak economy or $117,000 in a strong economy, with each outcome being equally likely. The initial investment required for the project is $80,000, and the project's cost of capital is 15%. The risk-free interest rate is 5%. What is the NPV? 2. Consider a pr

Internal Management Tools, RNOA, NOPAT Sales, and Stress Tests

1. What is an example of return on invested capital being used as an internal management tool? 2. What is an example of interest expense being ignored when computing return on net operating assets (RNOA)? 3. What is the relation between return on net operating assets and sales? Consider both NOPAT sales and sales to net operat

Accounting Practice Questions

Choose the best answer for each of the following questions and enter the identifying letter in the space provided. Neber Co., which began operations on January 1, 2007, appropriately uses the installment-sales method of accounting. The following information pertains to Neber's operations for the year 2007: Installment sales