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Sample questions

Hello all! Below are some sample questions on an upcoming exam. I need help understanding them. Please help! Thank you for your assistance! ----------------- 1. The Digby's balance sheet has $120,271,000 in equity. Further, the company is expecting $3,000,000 in net income next year. Assuming no dividends are paid

Retained Earnings

The Andrews company currently has the following balances in their equity accounts: Common Stock $33,881 Retained earnings $97,166 Suppose next year the Andrews company generates $46,300 in Net Profit, and declares and pays $16,000 in Dividends. What will Andrews ending balance in Retained Earnings

Finance: MCQ

4. You expect KT Industries (KTI) will have earnings per share of $3 this year and expect that they will pay out $1.50 of these earnings to shareholders in the form of a dividend. KTI's return on new investments is 15% and their equity cost of capital is 12%. The expected growth rate for KTI's dividends is closest to: A) 6.0%

Lear, Inc. Alternative Financing Strategies

Lear, Inc., has $800,000 in current assets, $350,000 of which are considered permanent current assets. In addition, the firm has $600,000 invested in fixed assets. a. Lear wishes to finance all fixed assets and half of its permanent current assets with long-term financing costing 10 percent. Short-term financing currently cos

Percival Hygiene Portfolio Combinations Risk and Return

Percival Hygiene has $10 million invested in long-term corporate bonds. This bond portfolio's expected annual rate of return is 9 percent, and the annual standard deviation is 10 percent. Amanda Reckonwith, Percival's financial adviser, recommends that Percival consider investing in an index fund which closely tracks the Sta

Debt financing / Optimal Capital Structure

Part I - 1. Please explain the advantages and disadvantages of debt financing. 2. How does the use of debt financing affect the rate of return that shareholders require on their investment in the firm's shares. How does the cost of equity (i.e., the rate of return investors require on their investment in the firm's shares

Calculate 13 financial ratios and 3 market value ratios

1. Calculating Ratios. Here are simplified financial statements of Phone Corporation from a recent year: INCOME STATEMENT Net sales 13,193 Cost of goods sold 4,060 Other expenses 4,049 Depreciation 2,518 Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) 2,566 Interest expenses 685 Income before tax

Delphi Technique in Risk Management

What is the Delphi technique in risk management? How would you use the results of the Delphi technique? Are the results of the Delphi technique applicable to an issue in an organization that you are familiar with? Explain.


The initial proceeds per bond, the size of the issue, the initial maturity of the bond, and the years remaining to maturity are shown in the following table for a number of bonds. In each case, the firm is in the 40 percent tax bracket, and the bond has a $ 1,000 par value. Proceeds per Size of Initial Maturity Years Remainin

Public Organization's Finances

How to understand public finances I need several examples of each answer. a. Identify opportunities to develop the state or local economy. b. Identify strategies to improve the government's bond rating. c. Explain how unplanned events affect intergovernmental fund transfers. d. Recommend long-term fina

What is the estimated intrinsic value per share of common stock?

You must estimate the intrinsic value of Tsetseko Technologies' stock. Tsetseko's end-of-year free cash flow (FCF) is expected to be $17.50 million, and it is expected to grow at a constant rate of 7.00% a year thereafter. The company's WACC is 10.00%. Tsetseko has $125.00 million of long-term debt plus preferred stock, and the

Techniques to Balance Spending

A friend tells you that he has a job that pays US $1,500 per month (after tax); however, he is spending US $1,900 per month and taking on more credit card debt to meet his monthly bills. In conversation he says, "I love to fix up my car, and I love purchasing new clothes. I need money for the things I want to do." He ends the co

Calculating equivalent annual cost: aging storage tank

An 8 year old storage tank has to be replaced or repaired because of severe corrosion. You have been asked to investigate three alternatives Replace tank to original specifications. -Repair tank with stainless steel lining. -Replace tank with stainless steel tank. You have obtained the following information: Shut dow

Remaining Cash Fow, Treasurer Responses, and Profitability

1. A firm generated free cash flow of 2348 million and paid net interest of 23 million after tax. It paid a dividend of 14$ million and issued shares for 54 million. There were no share repurchases. What did the treasurer do with the remaining cash flow and for how much? 2. A firm generated a negative free cash flow of 1857 m

Analyze financial data to determine a Better Yet's financial position

See attached Excel file. The income statement, similar to a video, measures the firm's profitability over a period of time: one month, one quarter, or one year. The statement focuses on the operations of the firm and explains what was produced and sold. In essence, it summarizes revenues generated and the results. Mark un

Interest : Average Daily Balance and Adjusted Balance; Credit Recommendations

Bernie and Pam Britten are a young married couple beginning careers and establishing a household. They will each make about $50,000 next year and will have accumulated about $40,000 to invest. They now rent an apartment but are considering purchasing a condominium for $100,000. If they do, a down payment of $10,000 will be requi

Which of the following statements is CORRECT?

Which of the following statements is CORRECT? A The best way to judge the effectiveness of a firm's cash management procedures is to look at the ratio of its cash balances to its sales. The higher this ratio, the more effective the firm's cash management procedures are. B A good lock box system will reduce the

Cash Budget with supporting schedules (LO2, LO4, LO7, LO8)

CHECK FIGURE (2) First quarter disbursements: $111,000 (3) First quarter ending cash balance: $31,400 Colormania is a wholesale distributor of dyes and pigments. When the treasurer of Colormania approached the company's bank late in the current year seeking short-term financing, he was told that money was very tight and tha

Gaumer Corporation Case Study

Refer to the attached file as some of the tables did not copy across. (Appendix 5A) Gaumer Corporation's recent utility costs are listed below: Management believes that utility cost is a mixed cost that depends on machine-hours. Using the least-squares regression method, the estimate of the fixed component of utility c

Apex, Inc: Stock price before and after the announcement for new cancer drug

Apex, Inc is a biotechnology firm that is about to announce the results of its clinical trials of a potential new cancer drug, If the trials were successful, Apex stock will be worth $70 per share. If the trials were unsuccessful, Apex stock will be worth $18 per share. Suppose that the morning before the announcement is sche

Dividends: Preferred Stock Holders

Can you help me get started with this assignment? A company has the following outstanding stock at the end of both 20X7 and 20X8 - Preferred stock (6%, $100 par value, 1000 shares issued and outstanding) - Common stock ($1 par value, 200,000 shares issued and outstanding) No dividends were declared or paid 20X7

Business Analysis: NYSE NASDAQ

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Your parents have been left a substantial amount of money and want to invest in a company. Your father trusts you to make a recommendation but also wants to see the reasoning behind your choice. Prepare three set of document for your parents to consider (business analysis, com