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Conservative and Aggressive Financing Plans

Christensen & Associates is development an asset financing plan. Christensen has $500,000 in current assets of which 15% are permanent, and $700,000 in fixed assets. The current long-term rate is 11%, and the current short-term rate is 8.5%. Christensen's tax rate is 40%.

Show a financing plan, conservative, with 80% of assets financed by long-term sources.
Show a financing plan, aggressive, with only 60% of assets financed financed by long-term sources.
If Christensen's earnings before interest and taxes are $325,000, what would be the net income under a aggressive plan? under a conservative plan? What could be the risks associated with the aggressive plan? the conservative plan?
Which plan would be recommendable by the CFO of Christensen? Why?

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Dear student,

current assets 500000
permanent current assets 75000
Temporary current assets 425000
fixed assets 700000
long term rate 11%
short term rate 8.50%
Total ...

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