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Business Finance: Stock, Tax, Interest

10. Mr. Frost controls proxies for 32,000 of the 60,000 outstanding shares of Express Frozen Foods, Inc. Mr. Cooke heads a dissident group that controls the remaining 28,000 shares. There are seven board members to be elected and cumulative voting rules apply. Frost does not understand cumulative voting and plans to cast 80,

Financial Problems

Nast Store has derived the following consumer credit scoring model after years of data collecting and model testing: Y = (0.20 x EMPLOYMT) + (0.4 x HOMEOWNER) + (0.3 x CARDS) Where: EMPLOYMT = 1 if employed full-time, 0.5 if employed part-time, and 0 if unemployed HOMEOWNER = 1 if homeowner, 0 otherwise CARDS = 1 if presentl

Lott Manufacturing: Quantity Discounts

Lott Manufacturing Inc. has been ordering parts for its production process in lots of 10,000 units. Each order costs the firm $50 to place, and holding costs per unit average $3. Lott uses 200,000 units every 250 days. Lott Manufacturing was recently approached by its supplier with a new quantity discount program. The supplie

Scenario Summary in Microsoft Excel

JumboMags makes an exceptional line of magnetized wheels that custom car builders use in kits. They provided you with the following information: Product: A13847 - Jumbo Mag Selling Price at $185.00/unit Variable Cost: $87.50 Fixed Cost: $250,000 Units Sold Last year: 10,800 JumboMags gave you the following po

Unit 5 - Statement of Cash Flows

4-5 paragraphs Details: Your friend Lucy slept through a class in which her professor explained the concepts of depreciation and amortization. Use the Library's Accounting links and/or dictionary sources and the Internet to learn about these concepts, and then write a 4-5 paragraph explanation of the concepts for Lucy. Be

Financial Aspects of Marketing Management

The group product manager for ointments at American Therapeutic Corporation was reviewing price and promotion alternatives for two products: Rash Away and Red Away. Both products were designed to reduce skin irritation, but Red Away was primarily a cosmetic treatment whereas Rash Away also included a compound that eliminated a


Co. A is about to pay a dividend of $3.15 per share. Its future EPS and dividends are expected to grow with inflation, which is forecasted at 3% per year. What is the company's stock price? The nominal cost of capital is 10%.

Break-Even Point for an Off-Broadway Theater

Letitia Green own a small, independent off-Broadway theater. Her theater is about to begin performing a new play titled "Franklin County Blues." Letitia has invested her own funds to get the play off the ground, and wants to know how many tickers need to be sold before the theater breaks even. Information about the play follow


You have estimated the following probability distributions of expected future returns for Stock X and Y: Stock X Probability Return Stock Y Probability Return 0.1 -10% 0.2 2% 0.2 10% 0.2 7

Operating Leverage for Pepsi and Coca-Cola

In its 2006 annual report, the coca-cola company reported sales of $24.09 billion for fiscal year 2006 and 23.10 billion for fiscal year 2005. The company also reported operating income of 6.31 billion, and $6.09 billion in 2005 and 2006, respectively. Meanwhile,Pepsi, reported sales of $35.14 billion in 2006 and $32.56 billion

Financial Concepts

Deflections, LLC, currently net leases its headquarters office building for $50,000 per month, and this lease has two years left to run. (Under a commercial fully net lease, the tenant pays for all maintenance, repairs, insurance and property taxes.) Deflections considers the rent to be less than the current market rate, but ex

Finance IRR of Projects

See attachment 1 (chapter 5) Co. A is about to pay a dividend of $3.15 per share. Its future EPS and dividends are expected to grow with inflation, which is forecasted at 3% per year. What is the company's stock price? The nominal cost of capital is 10%. (Problem 17 page110) 2. (chapter 6) Calculate the IRR for the follow

Firm Performance: Ratios and Recommendations

In millions of dollars A B C D Sales $250 $10 $15 $25 Net Income after tax 3 0.5 2.25 3 Total Assets 15 7.5 15 24 Stockholders' equity 10 5.0 14 10 How can I get total asset turnover, the net profit margin


Journal Entries for each transaction During July 2009, Krogue, Inc., completed the following transactions. entry for each transaction. July 2 Received $320,000 for 80,000 shares of capital stock. 4 Purchased $90,000 of equipment, with 75% down and 25% on a note payable. 13 Purchased $250,000 of inventory, paying 40%

Help with NASDAQ.

Hello, Could you please assist me with help on the Nasdaq? The chosen stock is Cisco Systems and stock is traded on the NASDAQ. Go to a Finance website (such as or ) that gives detailed price information on your stock. NOTE: Some sites may only list ask price d

Preferred stock vs. common stock

What would be considered preferred stock vs. common stock? I do understand the concept of how an investors' role is played in an organization when considering preferred stock and common stock. I did not realize that when it came to different types of stock investors would have a different role. I would be interested to know why

Discussing Tuition

Can someone help me in articulating this? Do you feel that the "high tuition/high aid" off-set model is a creative way of spreading the tuition burden among students or is it another example of institutional socialism? Outcome: Communicate an in-depth understanding of state, federal, and private sources of funding for high

Finance Questions and Variable Cost of Producing Bikes

[Problem 1] A recently retired corporate executive, Mr. CEO, plans to establish the Big Bike Bicycle Company and manufacture the bikes. He estimates the fixed costs of operations to be $500,000 annually. The variable cost of producing the bikes is forecasted to be $150 per unit. (a) If the bikes are priced at $200, how man

As a financial planner a client comes to you for investment advice.

As a financial planner a client comes to you for investment advice. After meeting with him and understanding his needs, you offer him the following two investment options: Option 1 (refer to Chapter 3): Invest $5,000 in a savings account at 6.6% interest compounded monthly. Option 2 (refer to Chapter 3): Invest into an

Financial Accounting assistance

Hello, I need some assistance with the attached questions regarding my financial accounting studies. James Corp is worried about managing cash efficiently. On the average, inventories have an age of 90 days, and accounts receivable are collected in 60 days. Accounts payable are paid approximately 30 days after they arise. Th

Need assistance with financial accounting problems

Hello, The problems I need assistance understanding are attached MACRS depreciation expense and accounting cash flow Pavlovich Instruments, Inc., a maker of precision telescopes, expects to report pre-tax income of $430,000 this year. The company's financial manager is considering the timing of a purchase of new compute


1.Dr. J. wants to buy a Dell computer which will cost $2,788 four years from today. He would like to set aside an equal amount at the end of each year in order to accumulate the amount needed. He can earn 7% annual return. How much should he set aside? A) $697.00 B) 627.93 C) $823.15 D) 531.81 2. How much must you invest

MC Finance Questions

A characteristic of an efficient market is that A) prices are equal for all securities B) bid-asked spreads are large C) prices reflect all available information D) all investors receive a positive rate of return An important implication of the idea that markets are efficient is A) an investor can make money by buy