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    carrying cost and restocking cost

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    Auto Parts sells 1,200 electric parts per week and then reorders another 1,200 parts. If the relevant carrying cost per electric part is $4 and the fixed order cost is $750, what is the total carrying cost and the restocking cost, respectively?

    a) $2,400 and $39,900
    b) $3,200 and $33,800
    c) $2,400 and $39,000
    d) $3,400 and $30,000
    e) None of the above

    Company ABC has expected sales of 75,000 units this year, an ordering cost of $8 per order and carrying costs of $1.20 per unit. What is the EOQ?

    a) 900 units
    b) 1000 units
    c) 100 units
    d) 500 units
    e) None of the above

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    a) The carrying costs are the average inventory ...

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