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    Java Program - need to create GUI in three different steps

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    I have posted my JAVA inventory program so far. I need to do 3 more versions of this. I have been using JDK 1.5 to create my programs and will need help with the following versions using this same version. I put enough credits for all three problems as I feel the same person helping me along with this would be easiest, but I can break it down into 3 separate submissions if you want. I'm definitely struggling with JAVA so I need some guidance on the GUI!

    The file attached isn't quite what it needs to be. According to my teacher - "I need only one new feature. I don't want to include the restocking fee and item fee in the constructor. Use the method to calculate the restocking fee to add to the inventory value. The way I did, I had to calculate by hand the item fees, which is unproductive. I want the computer to do the calculation for me." and "I should use a method to calculate the restocking fee. Do not enter manually. Let the program do the calculation." and "The total inventory should have only 2 decimals."

    Version 1 (I need this in 3 days) - Modify the inventory program to use a GUI. The GUI should display the information one product at a time, including item number, the name of the product, the number of units in stock, the price of each unit, and the value of the inventory of that product. In addition, the GUI should display the value of the entire inventory, the additional attribute (genre in my case), and the restocking fee.

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