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Apply time value of money to a personal decision

Simon, a second-year business student at the University of Toronto, will graduate in two years with an accounting major and a Spanish minor. Simon is trying to decide where to work this summer. He has two choices: work full-time for a bottling plant of work part-time in the accounting department of a meat-packing plant. He proba

Bidding on Treasury bills and a 5% return

We are currently bidding on Treasury bills and have determined that we must have a 5% return for a $1,000 T-Bill that will mature in one year. How much would we be willing to bid on the Treasury bill? If we are bidding on a 13 weeks Treasury bill with a 1% return and a 26 weeks Treasury bill with a 2% return for a $1,000 T-bill,

Taxable Amount on Distribution

On April 30, Janet, age 42, received a distribution from her qualified plan of $150,000. She had an adjusted basis in the plan of $500,000 and the fair market value of the account as of April 30 was $625,000. Calculate the taxable amount of the distribution and any applicable penalty. A. $30,000 taxable, $3,000 tax penalty

Advance determination letter

Most qualified plan sponsors seek an advance determination letter from the IRS stating that the plan provisions meet Code requirements. Which of the following statements is accurate about determination letters and their effect in the event of an audit by the IRS? A. the determination letter program is provided as a free servi

Characteristics That Affect Security Yield

Characteristics That Affect Security Yields Identify the relevant characteristics of any security that can affect the security's yield. Impact of Liquidity on Yield What effect does a high credit risk have on securities? Tax Effects on Yields Do investors in high tax brackets or those in low tax brackets benefit more from t

Income Statements and Balance Sheets

Using the income statement and balance sheet below, can you please help me with the following questions? Thank you! a. Calculate the amount of dividends Firm A and Firm B paid using the information given. b. Prepare a statement of cash flows for each firm using the indirect method. c. Analyze the difference in the two

Money Management: Fixed Fee or Percentage of Assets

If a manager receives part of their salary based on how the portfolios they manage are performing then the manager would want to see his or her portfolio have a high return. The money manager might take extra risks that the client may not have normally wanted just so he or she can make extra money for themselves. One way to ke

Financial Industry Structure

Select a large retailer who collaborates with a finance company. Who did you select, who do they collaborate with, and what are the benefits of collaboration between the large retailer and the finance company? Please cite the source

The Difference Between Price and Values in Stocks

What is the right price for a stock? Is it book value, liquidation value or is it simply its market price at a given moment of time? Would you value a privately-owned company where there is no market value different than a publicly owned company where there is a market price every day? Is there a difference between "price"

ESOP's and Employee Account Diversification

Black, Inc. is an ESOP-owned company with three employees: Kermit, age 62, who has participated in the plan for 21 years; Isaac, age 38, who has participated in the plan for eight years; and Nathan, age 28, who has participated in the plan for seven years. Which of the following correctly describe Black, Inc.'s obligation to per

Age-based Profit Sharing Plan

Which of the following statements regarding an age-based profit sharing plan is correct? A. An age-based profit sharing plan provides a greater benefit to those plan participants whose earnings exceed the Social Security wage base and who are over 50 years old. B. An age-based profit sharing plan only provides a benefit to t

Benefits of Combining Different Types of Analysis

I need some additional information on trends of analysis. Internal and external users would benefit equally from using vertical, horizontal, or ratio analysis. However, what if users combined two types of analysis? Is it possible to combine this vertical analysis with horizontal analysis to identify trends? If so, then how so? W

Financial Statement Application

As EEC's corporate business financial analyst, you will be required to provide the EEC board of directors and executive management team with essential financial information on the management of the EEC enterprise. In a memo to the board of directors, discuss the information found in each of the following financial statements and

The Challenges of Forecasting

Just looking for your thoughts - Multiple bullet points would be acceptable. Minimum of five bullet on each question with explanation where necessary What are the consequences of under/over forecasting? What are the current challenges of the forecasting methods, models, process and practices? Recommendations that can impr

Advanced Corporate Finance

Assuming you are working for Apple Inc and part of your compensation takes the form of stock options. Apple's current share price is $491. The exercise price of your stock option is $520. The value of the stock option is equal to the difference between Apple's stock price and the exercise price of $520, at the time that yo

Identify two projects or events that required an investment

H2O Innovations: Capital Investments Choose and discuss two projects (one current, one long term) that require an investment for your firm, H20 Innovations. One should be a 'current project' and the other long-term investment project. Explain what source of funds would be acceptable and explain your reasoning.

Value of Money Discussion

I need help with the scenario below, please. Work out how many years (10) to go before you retire, now look back the same number of years, and see how much the dollar has fallen in value from then to now. The US Government has the statistics. 1. Why take a risk with your money? 2. Find the interest paid on risk-fre

Banks and Banks Management

Please choose 2 banks and comparison shop for the best deal on a new personal checking account. You may do this via phone, internet, or in person. Summarize what makes this the best deal above the others you looked at. One must be a savings bank and the other must be a commercial bank. Make sure to give us the name of the bank

Publicly-owned firms and measuring wealth of stockholders

Please help with this homework assignment. Question 1 The primary goal of a publicly-owned firm interested in serving its stockholders should be to Maximize expected total corporate profit. Maximize expected EPS. Minimize the chances of losses. Maximize the stock price per share. Maximize expected net income. Q

Steps in the acquisition process

An acquirer has several choices when it comes to paying for the target. Explain in detail five factors that are likely to determine an acquirer’s choice of payment method. It is not sufficient to simply list points; you must explain how each factor determines the acquirer’s preference? Jupiter Corp. is considering an a

Calculating Variable Cost

1. A firm is reviewing a project with labor cost of $9.90 per unit, raw materials cost of $22.63 a unit, and fixed costs of $8,000 a month. Sales are projected at 10,000 units over the three-month life of the project. What are the total variable costs of the project? 2. Which of the following statements concerning variable c

Corporate finance calculations

1. Calculate the difference between daily and annual compounding, given the following information: (a) PV: $52,000, (b) NPER: 30, and (c) RATE: 10%. 2. Calculate the PMT on a mortgage, given the following information: (a) PV: $439,000, (b) RATE: 4%, and NPER: 30. 3. Calculate the present value of a lump sum payment with the

Calculating Net Book Value of Assets

See the attached file. QUESTION 1: A Company purchased equipment for $20,000. Management estimates that the equipment will have a useful life of five years and salvage value of $5,000. Calculate a) net book value of the equipment at the end of the third year using the straight-line method of depreciation; and b) depreciati

Analyzing and Comparing the Given Savings Strategies

Monica and her friend Linda each believe they have a superior savings plan. Monica saved $4,500 at the end of each year for 15 years and then let her money grow for 30 years. Linda did not begin saving until 15 years later, at which time she began to save $4,500 at the end of each year for 30 years. They both earned 6% on their

Quantitative Methods in Business

Question about sets and set theory: Why is it important to be able to identify sets and theory as related to business? Questions about functions: What applications do you think functions have for the business world? Can functions be used to predict next year's profits, or how much your company will grow? Questions about

Financial Intermediaries Discussion

Please describe briefly. 1. Consider whether you would buy a used car from a person or from a dealership. What are the pros and cons of each and how does that relate to the chapter material? 2. Discuss two factors that may affect a person's credit score and apply the notion of moral hazard to your response. Thanks