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Finding the number of workstations and efficiency of the given line

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In order to meet holiday demand, Penny's Pie Shop requires a productions line that is capable of producing 50 pecan pies per week, while operating only 40 hours per week. There are only 4 steps required to produce a single pecan pie with respective processing times of 5 min, 5 min, 45 min, and 15 min.
a. What should be the line's cycle time?
b. What is the smallest number of workstations Penny could hope for in designing the line considering this cycle time?
c. Suppose that Penny finds a solution that requires only four station. What would be the efficiency of this line?

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Weekly operating time=40*60=2400 minutes
Expected output=50 per week

a. What should be the line's cycle time?
Line's cycle time=Productive Time per week / Demand per week

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The solution depicts the steps to find the cycle time, smallest number of workstations and overall efficiency in the given case.

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9.11 Stanford Rosenberg Computing wants to establish an assembly line for producing a new product, the Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The tasks, task times, and immediate predecessors for the tasks are as follows:
A 12 —
B 15 A
C 8 A
D 5 B, C
E 20 D

Rosenberg's goal is to produce 180 PDAs per hour.
a) What is the cycle time?
b) What is the theoretical minimum for the number of workstations that Rosenberg can achieve in this assembly line?
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