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Assembly Line Balancing Question

A line-balancing solution has been developed for the assembly line for fertilizer spreaders at Green Grass, Inc. The desired output rate of 30 spreaders per hour will be achieved. The sum of times for all tasks performed on the line is 1056 seconds for each spreader assembled. This is the total productive time. Which of the following statements must be TRUE?

Select one:
a. The theoretical minimum number of stations is 10.
b. If the solution calls for 12 stations, the efficiency is 80%.
c. The cycle time is 30 seconds per spreader.
d. If the solution calls for 11 stations, the efficiency is 80%.

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Cycle time=Production time/Output required=(60*60)/30=120 seconds
Number of workstations=sum of times of all tasks/Cycle time= ...

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