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Process Oriented Layout Strategy

Germany has developed a new executive secretary chair that will be made on an assembly line. The schedule requires 50 chairs in an 8-hour day. Of course the employees have to take lunch and coffee breaks on their own time by punching in and out on a clock. The assembly includes eight tasks. The table below indicates the performance time and the sequence requirements for each task.

Task Performance Time in Minutes Task Must Follow Task Listed Below
A 4 -
B 7 -
C 6 A, B
D 5 C
E 6 D
F 7 E
G 8 E
H 6 F,G

You can draw a precedence diagram if possible.

a. What is the cycle time for this operation?
b. What is the theoretical minimum number of workstations?
c. Assign tasks to workstations.
d. Assign workstations. Each workstation you can simply list the tasks. No need to draw the diagram.
e. What is the idle time is present each day?
f. What is the overall efficiency of the assembly line?

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