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Merchandising strategy

Retail store operations include, among other things, developing a merchandising strategy, store layout and atmospherics, store sales force staffing, and customer service operations. Do you think that a company like Best Buy will maximize sales if it "customizes" stores, based on the demographics of the local area, to fit a particular market segment description? Or, would a company like Best Buy generate more sales if the stores were more alike and had similar merchandise and customer service, with maybe some minor variations in merchandise?

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In my opinion, there should be an optimum combination of both the strategies,ie,standardization with an optimum level of customization in order to reap maximum revenues and sales.

In today's customer oriented competitive business environment, it has become imperative for quality focused companies like Best Buy to focus on attaining maximum customer satisfaction by responding to their special needs and wants. Standardization will allow the customers to quickly find the products at different store locations. It ...

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Merchandising strategy