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Company's functional strategy

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Winn-Dixie: what is the company's functional strategy for each of the areas listed?


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Let us take Production-Operations-Manufacturing in the first place.

Some of the most important functional strategies in this area are: Size of facility, Location of facility, Product design, Type of equipment, Type of tooling, Inventory size and strategy, Quality control methods, Degree and types of cost controls, Use of standards, Level of specialization, Degree and approach towards technological innovation, Focus between product and process, etc.

source: http://www.kulzick.com/fspo.htm

Since Winn Dixie primarily operates in the South Eastern region of USA, its distribution facilities are primarily located in states of Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. Florida has two distribution facilities, primarily due to the fact that Florida is the most important market for the company.

Winn-Dixie's manufacturing plants produce or process a variety of products including coffee, tea, spices, carbonated and ...

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Winn-Dixie: what is the company's functional strategy for each of the areas listed?

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