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Finance: CAPM, Beta

Need help with these multiple choice questions. Please provide the answer attached only. Need the answer in the next hour.

Final Contract price of a CPIF Contract

Given the following information regarding a CPIF contract, what would be the final contract price at the different final cost amounts. Target Cost $2,000,000 Target Fee $ 150,000 Share Ratio: Under Target 90/10 Over Target 80/20 Maximum Fee $ 240,000 Minimum Fee $ 60,000 a. Final cost is $1,000,000 b.

GM vs Meiji Holdings: Financial statement differences

Go to General Mills and Meiji Holdings Co., Ltd. website, review the most recent financial statements for the company, and then answer the following questions. What accounting standards are used? What auditing standards are used by the external auditors? Analyze and comment on the differences in the annual stat

Australian Financial Regulation

Read the attached article about the 2008 financial crisis and calls for better regulation in "Leaders: What next?" The article refers to corporate and regulatory failure. It poses the proposition that better regulation is needed but it must be the right regulation. Further, it suggests that too much regulation may inhibit

Sinking Fund: Good or Bad

I think a sinking fund is a good idea. It places funds to the side gradual just in case an investment doesn't work out. We would all like for our investments to work out but unfortunately they don't. It may not be an attractive feature because when we invest our money we would like to think we are going to make money. It's k

Finance - Real Interest Rate

I agree that the changes in real interest rates change in accordance with the change in the exchange rate. The nominal interest rate minus the inflation interest rate would be the real rate of return. This allows the investors to know whether or not they will have erosion through inflation or not. My question is: Do you agree


Allowances: Following is information for Garrels Company's Allowance for doubtful accounts. Examine this information and answer the following questions. Years Ended December 31, ($ in thousands) 2011 2010 2009 Allowance for doubtful accounts

International Finance Trade

Due to the difficult financing conditions prevailing in the international credit markets and increased risk aversion by the lending, gross inflows of short-term trade credit to India declined in 2008-09 and this trend continued in 2009-10. Use India as an example and learning tool to appreciate the complexities of internation

Completing Corporate Finance Problems

PettiJohn Multi :3-1 Balance Sheet Millions of $ Assets 2010 Cash and Securities 1554 Accounts receivable 9660 Inventories 13440 Total Current Assets 24654 Net plant and equip 17346 Total Assets 42000 Liabilities and equity Accounts Payable 7980 Notes Payable 5880 Accruals 4620

Unearned Revenue Discussion

Some savvy investors, detecting fissures in Microsoft's armor, are pulling back from the world's most highly valued company. The concern: the first-ever drop in an arcane but closely watched indicator of Microsoft's future results. The balance in Microsoft's "unearned revenue" account, which declined to $4.13 billion on Sept.

Cash Flow and Price Earnings

1. The quarterly cash flows from operations for two software companies are: 2010 2011 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Firm A $406.1 $204.2 $729.1 $ 440.2 $ 587.8 Firm B $136.7 $243.1 $708.2 $ (87.9) $(161.4) a. Expl

Calculating the Value of an Option

Black-Scholes Model Assume that you have been given the following information on Purcell Industries: Current stock price = $18 Strike price of option = $13 Time to maturity of option = 4 months Risk-free rate = 5% Variance of stock return = 0.13 d1 = 1.747426 N(d1) = 0.959718 d2 = 1.539259 N(d2) = 0.93813 According

Swiss Valley Veterinary Products Cash Collections

Swiss Valley Veterinary Products distributes animal health care products to commercial livestock producers throughout the United States and Europe. The terms of sale require cash payment within 30 days, and most producers take full advantage of this payment option. Swiss Valley buys health care products on credit from multinat

Clinical Practice Acquisition

Evaluate what Dr Rose's practice is worth from the Medical Group CEO's perspective. Determine a bidding strategy (opening bid, walk-away value) Which valuation methodologies are most appropriate? (DCF, Market Multiple, Transaction Multiple, etc) Comment on the key risks and key assumptions Please see attach


The following information is from the 2011 annual report of Weber Corporation, a company that supplies manufactured parts to the household appliance industry. Average interest - bearing debt 20,000,000 Average other liabilities 2,250,000 Average shareholders' equity 12,250,000 Sales 49,000,000 Interest e

Cash Flow Collected

1. The following information is available from Sand Corporation's accounting records for the year ended December 31, 2011: Cash received from customers $870,000 Rent received 10,000 Cash paid to suppliers and employees 510,000 Taxes paid 110,000 Cash dividends paid 30,000 a. Compute cash flow p

Cash flow

The balance sheet and income statement for Bertha's Bridal Boutique are presented along with some additional information about the accounts - All accounts receivable and accounts payable are related to trade merchandise. Accounts payable are recorded net and always are paid to take all the discounts allowed. The allowance for

Deriving a Balance Sheet Analysis

Following are the common-size balance sheets from companies: Pfizer, Inc., a global research -driven pharmaceutical company; JC Penney, national retailer; Time Warner, a global media and Entertainment Company; and Duke Energy, a leading energy company focused on electric power and gas distribution. Based on your general busin


Assuming that you are a hospital administrator and you realize that a major piece of medical equipment needs to be replaced in five (5) years time, determine how much money needs to be set aside from the hospital's monthly revenues for the next sixty (60) months in order to pay for the anticipated expenditure which currently has

Hospital Case Review

RIVERVIEW COMMUNITY HOSPITAL - Case Questions 6. On the basis of the limited amount of information provided in the case, what are your recommendations to the board to correct any weaknesses noted? 7. This analysis focused on Du Pont and ratio analysis techniques. What other techniques can be used in financial statement an