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    Business Policy and Implementation

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    Decision-Making in Business

    You are the Director of Human Resources for the internet matchmaking company, "People, people who need people.com". In recent months, your company has been sued by three employees who were laid off based on information in their performance appraisals.

    example of decision-making software advertised for sale by a company

    Using the internet, find an example of decision-making software advertised for sale by a company. Keep in mind that while any and all software can provide information to be used in the decision making process you should be looking for software that is designed specifically to help with the decision making process. Once you s

    Decision Making

    You are observing a meeting between Milhouse (one of your co-workers) and a salesman who is trying to sell an additional part to a machine that your company recently purchased. The salesman is well into his routine, and has already gotten your co-worker to admit that a quality product is of utmost importance to the future of the

    Decision Making Methodologies

    Please discuss in detail the various decision making methodologies in management and the hows and why you would prefer one method as opposed to another. Also discuss alternative solutions. Please provide appropriate level references.

    Decision Making on Net Income of a business

    Please help with the following problem. Please show your steps. Express Corporation can either manufacture a component part of its product or buy the part from an outside supplier. The cost of manufacturing one unit of the component part is Direct Materials $1 Direct Labor $1.50 Variable Overhead $0.75 Fixed Overhead (alloca

    Business Decision Making

    What is the value of quantitative business metrics for decision making? Cite two specific examples and identify at least two metrics you use each day

    Information Management in Small Business

    You have been asked to join with several other IT professionals for an hour on the local cable channel, discussing some of the current trends in information management, focusing your discussion on the issues in small business. The program director asks that you also discuss the impact that following or ignoring a trend could hav

    Decision Making Techniques

    ZebraRuns is a company that sells running shoes and accessories through a retail outlet. Business has been exceeding expectations, and company executives are contemplating adding a second store. Based on what you know about decision-making techniques, describe the steps ZebraRuns should take to make an effective decision.

    Decision Making Advantages and Disadvantages

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of making speedy decisions in a changing business environment? What are the trade-offs? Name two advantages and two disadvantages and one trade-off for each.

    Accounting for Decision Making

    Discussion question #1 : You notice several members of the manufacturing production area using reports not created by the accounting department. What might some of the symptoms be that is causing this? how can it be corrected? Discussion question # 2 : Why is the relevant range important? What happens to costs if they greatl

    Decision-Making Failures

    1. This week's Read Me First says that many good decisions get bad results. Why is this true? It is attached below. 2. The reading this week talks about how important it is for managers to be able to delegate responsibilities. What are some of the things you need to do in order to be successful at delegating? 3. Indecisio

    Business Policy and Strategic Planning

    Why does the employment of a large number of people who consider themselves to be professionals complicate the strategic management process? How can it also occur in profit-making firms?

    Decision Making - College Professor

    I need to investigate and observe the decision-making processes most prevalent in your organization as a Doctor of Conflict Resolution and Analysis worker. I'm interested in your job, you could say.

    Models of Decision Making

    For this assignment you will be analyzing a poor decision that you have made in which the results of your decision making turned our poorly. If possible the decision you choose to analyze should represent a decision you have made on the job (a business decision). You are preparing this analysis because your supervisor is conc

    Business Policy - Case 1 ("The Recalcitrant Director")

    Questions to Case Study (see attached): 1. If you were one of the board members, how would you have initially voted for the proposal? 2. Should the Byte executives tell administrators and the potential employees that this is a temporary plant for only 3 years? 3. What impact does a plant closing have on a small town

    Critical thinking in decision making process

    Provide an example from your personal experience in applying critical thinking to a work related decision, and the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making processes. I'll need at least two different references.

    Managerial Decision Making Analysis

    I need assistance in forming a mangeria decision making analysis. The details of the scenario are below. The textbook used in this course is: Judegement in Managerial Decision Making, 6th Edition, Max H. Bazerman. ------------------ The comments from the instructor are: I just finished re-reading through the recommenda

    Managerial Decision Making

    The textbook used for this course is: Judgement in Managerial Decision Making; 6th Edition, Max H. Bazerman. Apply decision analysis to the truck drivers' negotiation problem (file attached) and advise the participants on their decision problem. Your analysis should be more than a number crunching exercise. You will also wa

    The Social Side of Decision Making

    The CEO has been extremely frustrated with what has been occurring within the organization lately. In a recent manager meeting he exclaimed, "Everyone around this place just follows the status quo. No one ever has any unique ideas on how we can make this organization better. You just sit here and wait for me to give you directio

    Improving Decision Making

    For this assignment you will need to use the Library, the Internet, and course resources to locate a single example (from business, news reports, government, economics, and so forth) where the decisions made produced negative consequences. From this situation you will be creating a presentation that will be delivered to other

    Introduction to Decision Making

    You are the Director of Human Resources for the internet matchmaking company, "People, people who need people.com". In recent months, your company has been sued by three employees who were laid off based on information in their performance appraisals. These employees have alleged that their performance appraisals did not accurat

    Applied Managerial Decision-Making

    Details: The National Sales meeting is approaching. Each regional sales manager has to do a short presentation for the Marketing department that highlights how the consumers in their territory are different from those in the Total US. You're still working with the local regional sales manager. Click Here to download the repo

    Using Demographic Information from the AMA in Product Decision-Making

    One of WidgeCorp's regional sales managers contacts you with a request. In preparation for rolling out a new type of snack food, she's been trying to make sense of some demographic data available through the AMA (American Marketing Association) and is overwhelmed. She explains to you that there are two files which contain report

    Research and Decision Making

    A. In trying to determine where to locate its outlets in India, CoffeeTime had to analyze considerable data. Given this data, what does CoffeeTime really know about the various locations in India? What doesn't CoffeeTime know that it might learn from further research? b. How do the limitations of the data available to CoffeeTi

    Business Tax Management Questions

    Tax Management. I need help with these multiple-choice problems. 11. Eureka, Inc., an electing S corporation, was formed in 2005 with an investment of cash by all stockholders. It immediately acquired certain capital assets for investment, many of which it decided in 2006 it did not need. The excess assets were sold in 2006

    Financial Decision Making

    1. Assume the following facts about a company: Capital (000's) EBIT (000's) $1,000 Debt ? Less Interest Expense ? Equity $3,000 EBT $1,000 Total Capital $3,000 Taxes @ 40% 400 Shares @ $10 = 300 Earnings after Tax $ 600 What will be the company's new EPS if it borrows money at 10% interest and use