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    Decision Making

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    You are observing a meeting between Milhouse (one of your co-workers) and a salesman who is trying to sell an additional part to a machine that your company recently purchased. The salesman is well into his routine, and has already gotten your co-worker to admit that a quality product is of utmost importance to the future of the company. The salesman approaches the topic of price with great skill. "Although this investment may seem substantial at first glance," he admits, "with our extended payment plan, this part will cost you less than 40 cents a day. Why, that's less than a can of soda! Wouldn't you say the future success of your organization is worth more than a daily can of soda?" Having never thought of it in just that way, Milhouse decides to purchase the part. (Working Psychology, 2003).

    In order to prepare for future situations in which you have to make decisions such as these you go back to your office to evaluate the decision and in particular to do the following:

    Identify how Milhouse "framed" his decision.
    Explain how an alternative "frame" could have resulted in a different decision outcome. What factors would led to an alternative framework?
    What are the implications of "framing" on our judgments and on our attempts to influence others? Are there moral considerations? Why or why not?

    Working psyschology. (2003). Retrieved July 15, 2003, from Working Psychology Web site: http://www.workingpsychology.com/index.html

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    //In the beginning, the process or the course through which Millhouse has framed his decision to purchase has been described in this paper; so that further alternatives can be evaluated on its basis. //

    Millhouse would have framed his decision on the basis of the quality. The quality that the salesman has promised must have seemed much beneficial to Millhouse. The quality delivered must be really high (Quality of a product basically refers to the distinctive features or attributes which denote some degree of excellence or set a product apart from others). That's why he must have considered the proposal.

    The part of the machine if enhances the efficiency of the machine and allows the machine to do more work and that too, fast i.e. in much less time; then it is a very useful component. This would improve the profits of the company in the long run and would surely bring inflows. But simultaneously the cost involved in the project should also be given ...

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