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    Decision-making models

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    For this assignment you will be analyzing a poor decision that you have made in which the results of your decision making turned our poorly. If possible the decision you choose to analyze should represent a decision you have made on the job (a business decision).

    You are preparing this analysis because your supervisor is concerned and wants to make sure that you learned from your mistake(s) so that the likelihood of the same mistake happening again is minimal. Describe the decision, the negative consequences of the decision, and its relative importance to you as the decision maker.

    Your analysis should include the following:

    Describe and outline your decision, how you framed your decision, the negative consequences of the decision, and the importance of this decision on YOU and on OTHERS (your organization).
    Identify three decision theories that illustrate your decision making process. Be sure to explain HOW & WHY each theory was presenting your decision making process.
    What does your analysis imply about how people make judgments and decisions?
    How will your analysis of this decision help you to make better decisions in the future? Be as explicit and complete as possible to support your conclusions.

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    For this I will give you the decision and the consequences for me and how I think it will help me make better decisions. Since the point of the assignment is to find the framework and how it applies, I will leave that to you. You also did not make any points about the theories you are working with, there are so many such as rational choice or other sociological, any of the heuristics, the psychological theories of personality to name a few, I would find it nearly impossible to guess which ones you are using in your class.

    I am a college professor and have been teaching for several years. For the first time I had a married couple in my class. I had previously taught the husband and he is a good, hardworking student who applies himself to the tasks and works at a high level. This term when I gave the first exam I was going to be out of town and allowed the test as a take home test. When the tests ...

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