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    Decision-making techniques

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    ZebraRuns is a company that sells running shoes and accessories through a retail outlet. Business has been exceeding expectations, and company executives are contemplating adding a second store.

    Based on what you know about decision-making techniques, describe the steps ZebraRuns should take to make an effective decision.

    My textbook references a six steps to decision making. But I'm not sure how to apply them to ZebraRun. I'm needing some guidance.

    1. Set Objectives
    2. Search alternatives
    3. Evaluate alternatives
    4. choose a course of action
    5. implement the decision
    6. follow up

    But then I found this article that references a five step process but is different.

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    I agree with the six step decision making process. The description is based on the six-step process.

    Set Objectives: The objective of ZebraRuns is to set up a new store that will be profitable and will be able to meet the expansion plans of the organization.

    Search alternatives: ZebraRuns should market in that particular region, the population density, overall market identify 3-4 cities across regions as attractive locations for opening a ...

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    This posting provides the process of using decision making techniques for arriving at a decision of opening a second store for ZebraRuns.