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    What are examples of decision-making software advertised by a company?

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    Using the internet, find an example of decision-making software advertised by a company. While any and all software can be used to help make decisions you should look for software that is designed specifically to help with the decision making process. Once you select a decision software package to review, use information from the software company itself as well as reviews from other sources to answer the following questions:
    1. How is this software designed to help with decision-making? What method does it use?
    2. Do you think that this software would help improve decision-making? Why or why not?
    3. Would this software affect how the user frames a decision? If so, how?

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    I am selecting the Vanguard Software Corporation's DecisionPro Software, which helps in making the best possible business decision by applying proven management techniques, such as decision tree analysis, monte carlo simulation, linear programming and other advanced forecasting methods.

    1. How is this software designed to help with decision-making? What method does it use?

    As mentioned above, this software utilizes the proven management techniques only to assist the users in decision making. Basically, it automizes and integrates the key quantitative methods used in managerial decision making in real life world into a single application, thereby making it easier for the decision makers to utilize and comprehend complex business decision making techniques.

    It makes the task of decision making much easier by providing the ...

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