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Decision-Making Process

I need to investigate and observe the decision-making processes most prevalent in your organization as a Doctor of Conflict Resolution and Analysis worker. I'm interested in your job, you could say.

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Most days I try to decide on the best approach to a mediation or facilitation problem that is coming up or I am participating in that day. Mediations are usually difficult and the people who enter into mediation are trying to solve a problem that is causing the loss of a relationship. I do not do divorce mediations. Too emotional.

To mediate is to go through a series of steps: introductions and review and approval of ground rules. These are established at the discretion of the mediator. Sometimes you need to apply specific rules and tell people how to behave. Sometimes you only have to remind the parties of basic common sense rules and manners. Then the parties have to verbally, with each other and the mediator agree on the rules ...

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Decision-making in a situation for a college professor.